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tiltalVictoriaSince March 16, 20082 Reviews
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5th Street Bar and Grill1028 Hillside Avenue, Victoria
Careful with the back bacon
Submitted Saturday, April 12, 2008 - 12:13am [Dine in]

We went tonight for a quick bite to eat and were seated in five minutes, which I thought was nice, but then they seated us on their back patio (which does not have very nice ambiance at 9pm at night in the cold...). Also, it was very loud and echoing because of the cement. The service was okay, and the server was fairly attentive until we got our food but after that she basically ignored us, not offering drink refills or to take our dirty dishes away. The big problem, though, was ordering the back bacon and pineapple pizza. Apparently, the restaurant orders the garbage leftovers from some meat packing plant and pawns them off on their poor customers as 'back bacon', when really all you get on your pizza (LITERALLY) is huge chunks of fat. Back bacon is a lean meat! When I questioned the "meat" on my pizza, the server said that's just how it is and bacon is fatty, basically, so get over it. Even though back bacon is not the same as strip bacon and is not supposed to be fatty like that. No discount or apology or anything, even though I showed her the disgusting fat blobs on my plate. She even said a lot of people have had this reaction and sometimes a customer *might* be able to ask for ham instead of 'back bacon' (globs of fat), but only maybe, and that's just the way the bacon comes to them. I know people like this restaurant, but I think people should know how completely disgusting this so-called "back bacon" they have is before they order the pizza and have to pay for it. Gross gross gross is all I can say.

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Spice Jammer, The852 Fort St., Victoria
Just awful
Submitted Saturday, March 15, 2008 - 10:59pm [Dine in]

The Spice Jammer, in my experience, is the worst restaurant in Victoria, regardless of the food. We had a reservation, so were seated immediately, and our appetizers came in a reasonable amount of time. The samosas were okay, though not really anything to phone home about. The fried mogo (cassava fries) were good though. From that point on it was all downhill. We waited an HOUR AND A HALF for our meals to arrive, and the server never once came by to refill our drinks, offer us anything in the meantime, or explain/apologize for the delay. I complained, and was told that our food was still at least 10 minutes away from being ready and that that's just how it is there because they are a family run place with only one cook. How can a restaurant possibly expect patrons to wait a minimum of an hour and forty-five minutes for two meals? We were not even a big group, and we even ordered butter chicken, which is supposedly their specialty! Needless to say, we did not bother waiting any longer. I would never ever go back there, and would certainly not recommend it to anyone unless you plan on bringing your own snacks and drinks for the hours you'll have to wait for, judging by the appetizers, fairly average food.

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