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thetruthhurtsWest End, VancouverSince September 7, 20075 Reviews
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Finch's Tea & Coffee House353 West Pender Street, Vancouver
New Favorite Place
Submitted Saturday, April 5, 2008 - 9:10pm [Dine in]

For the first time in a long time, I felt healthy, light, and satisfied after grabbing a luxuriously relaxing lunch at Finch's yesterday.

My partner and I had two different sandwiches served on a beautiful, fresh, crispy baguette: hers- applewood smoked cheddar with all the fixings and dijon mayo, mine-egg salad with free range egg slices and same fixings. We shared the vine tomato and prosciutto salad. All were excellent. Fresh, crisp, delicious.

We had hot chocolates and cookies which could have seen slightly richer, but I'm a chocolate fanatic.

The atmosphere was open, calm, and beautiful. The kitsch is totally in place, with nice big tables spaced far enough apart, high ceilings, and cute mismatched antique plates. Lots of interesting things to look at, but relaxing and intimate.

I'll be going back tomorrow, and many times after.

Go to Finch's!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Cafe Luxy1235 Davie Street, Vancouver
Submitted Saturday, April 5, 2008 - 9:03pm [Dine in]

Cafe Luxy beats every other restaurant of it's type.

What can I not rave about?

Staff: Awesome. Friendly, not at all intrusive, accommodating, unpretentious.

Food: You can't pick a wrong item. They're all good in their own way. My personal favorite is the Tortellini Pollo alla Pesto, with Pancetta subbed for the chicken. It's stellar, and at around $7 for lunch including salad and garlic bread or $14 for a (2 days of leftovers) heaping dinner portion, you can't get any better.

The tiramisu rocks. You have to try it.

Ambiance: This is the comfiest, most lovely place. Bring a date, bring your family, bring yourself...everyone is welcome and comfortable in this warm, quiet restaurant.

My favorite place in Vancouver whenever I need some consistently great food, relaxed service, and super-reasonable pricing.

Go to Cafe Luxy!!!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Abigail's Party1685 Yew Street, Vancouver
Cook It Yourself!
Submitted Saturday, April 5, 2008 - 8:48pm [Dine in]

Here I sit after one of the most despicable showings I've seen since Zefferelli's. Currently, I'm eating my papaya paella, which was absolutely inedible until I came home and tweaked it, along with my partner's gnocchi.

Why did I have to essentially cook these items myself? Well...

Arrived at 5:07 to an empty restaurant and were told to come back at 5:30. Score 1 for hospitality. We went to the Starbucks down the road to attempt to tide us over. These would be the only decent eats for the next few hours.

We got in and were greeted with a chilly reception and an even chillier restaurant. It was so cold that we had to keep our coats on for the duration of the meal.

20 min later, the Antipasto came. (Did I mention we were the only ones in the restaurant?) Two flavorless, crunchy risotto domes atop a pitiful helping of bland "marinara," grilled veg drizzled with balsamic (decent flavour, but it's hard to mess up plain veggies), and a heaping mound of mid-grade olives.

We finished the appy, somewhat incredulous but still hopeful (and, moreover, starving) for our mains. Originally, my partner had ordered the cheeky ravioli, but they were "out." Later, we learned that Abigail is a repeat offender: the duck was "out" as well. So we settled on the Papaya Paella and the Gnocchi.

The gnocchi was so dry that is became difficult to swallow without the aid of my (fruitfly-trapping) water. The flavour was decent, but nothing to write home about.

And then I tried my paella. Frankly, they should more accurately call this "bland yellow rice with essence of seawater and filled with peppers as filler to distract you from the meager seafood helping." I truly have never tasted something so bland.

I fixed this dish in under 5 minutes by adding white wine, butter, salt, pepper, cayenne, and (regrettably, but it needed it!) liquid smoke.

We bolted out of there too soon for dessert, freezing and aching to write this review.

Never go to Abigail's Party.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant736 East Broadway, Unit 5, Vancouver
So Good
Submitted Friday, November 2, 2007 - 8:15pm [Dine in]

I've just arrived back from Fassil, a small and unassuming Ethiopian restaurant in a not-so-great part of town. Don't let the location put you off- this place is an absolute must for Ethiopian cusine. We arrived to an empty restaurant and were greeted by the lovely woman in charge, who I believe also cooked our food. We had the home-made honey liquor, a sweet and very potent brew that complimented the flavors of our seared fish, "number 15 beef," and split lentils. They were all individual rockstars- the fish was crisp on the outside and soft and smooth inside, with a mild flavour that went very well with a bit of the sauce from my beef. The beef was of a medium spice at my request, and had a delicious, rich spice and onion flavour. The lentils were floral and rich, cooked perfectly, and everything tasted amazing with their sour bread. All in all, an amazing dinner- I ordered an extra fish portion and bread to take home with the rest of my leftovers, and I'll enjoy it tomorrow as well. I'll definitely be back for the amazing food and really charming, family feel.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Zefferelli's Spaghetti Joint1136 Robson Street, Vancouver
Worst of the Year
Submitted Thursday, September 6, 2007 - 11:39pm [Dine in]

Never go to Zefferelli's. Upon arrival, I was pleased with the ambiance; they have what looks like a lovely antipasti bar and a calm, unpretentious look. We were told that there would be 30 minute wait (Thursday night on Robson at 8 PM) and chose to seat ourselves in the two small tables adjacent to the kitchen. Our server came after a few minutes and prompted us to order, explaining that even if a table opened after our having had appetizers, we would not be moved. We ordered wine (the Pinot Noir by the glass, which was weak and lacked body) and asked for more time. He returned, dropping the wine at the table and walking off. I grabbed him to ask questions regarding the menu, which he answered. He didn't tell us the specials. I ordered a caesar salad and my partner ordered the Antipasto Misto. My salad was mediocre but edible, the antipasto was lackluster and the mussels conatined within were extremely fishy, to the point that my partner, a Chef like myself, felt as if he might be sick later on. We received our entrees about 20 minutes later, and as I pushed my 3/4 full salad plate (I'm a very slow eater) to the center of the table to make room, our waiter whisked it away. Our entrees were horrendous. Mine, the tortellini with bleu cheese and bacon dressing, tasted exactly like my companion's, the duck sausage linguine. Both tasted exactly like bland perogies-saltless, flavorless, and starchy. The linguine was an egg noodle from a box. It was incredibly disappointing. After waiting for 15 minutes plus with our napkins on the table, our waiter came back. I told him both entrees were not good, and explained why, asking for the bill. He said "oh," and walked away. Another 15 min later I stopped the manager and explained to him the situation, asking again for the bill. His response was that he "had been told already" and that he'd get the bill. We paid for our salad, antipasto, and wine and left.

Never go to Zefferelli's.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance