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The Good StuffLangleySince June 15, 20122 Reviews
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3 (3.1)
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Red Robin6141 200th St., Langley
Pink Burger Meat is Not Strictly An Item of Preference in Canada "Sir".
Submitted Friday, June 15, 2012 - 7:25pm [Dine in]

My wife and I hit Red Robin for dinner a few nights ago, for some burgers and milkshakes, because we heard they did good burgers and shakes. Fair enough. I'm not gonna whine about getting a steak that's not cooked to perfection from a place like this, that's why we came for burgers:) They were pink.
When i called our server over to let him know our burgers were pink, i was told, as if our server was reading it off a sheet in thin air, that the burgers had most definitely been cooked to the required temperature regulation standard set by health Canada, and my complaint was simply a matter of preference and not because pink burgers are gross.
Burger is not steak, i love a bloody steak. I do not love a bloody burger. In The States, I'm ok with ordering a well cooked burger. That how they roll. In Langley however, I consider pink burger undercooked. Being told that my pink burger is not undercooked, and that sending it back is just being ignorant of the "safety" of the pink meat, does not help your case.
We got our burgers back, safely nuked to oblivion, with an air of disdain.
The Milkshakes were good, i suppose......Perhaps they were having an off night, nowhere is perfect after all, but the way it all played out seemed like this level of dissatisfaction happened enough to be routine. Wouldn't recommend based on our limited experience here.

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Choo Choo's20559 Fraser Hwy, Langley
Great place, Dont listen to the Haters!
Submitted Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 10:15pm [Dine in]

Ive been eating at Choo Choos for 5-6 years now, at a pretty regular clip, and they deserve better press than they get!
Im 29, not square, and don't mind that there are some old people eating here. ITS LANGLEY. There are old people here:) There is no other place like Choo Choo's in Langley! There are far more family dinners and couples there than anything. There are cool things to look at in every direction, and the food is tasty and feel good, they change their beer up all the time with awesome crafty stuff!
If you're after a delicately braised fillet Mignon with lobster and organic fiddle heads in lemon sauce for 80 bucks, this isn't your place. If you want something that is going to taste delicious 95% of the time, and make you rub your belly and smile as you waddle to the car, Choo Choo's will do you right:)
Ive read some reviews here, and figured some of these folks must be those absolute delights that bring their screaming kids in to restaurants and wonder why other people don't dig the noise after 45 minutes solid with no discipline, or folks that show up after putting dinner off for too long so their just a widdle bit gwumpy :(
Not worth tipping? Absolutely horrible? Im not gonna lie and say everything has been absolutely perfect every time, but c'mon, apparently we've been eating at very different places the last 6 years. Dont listen to the haters, me and mine love this place, and you should give it a try:)

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