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thathatKerrisdale, VancouverSince July 29, 20103 Reviews
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3 (3.2)
  • Food3.5 (3.7)
  • Service3 (3)
  • Value3 (3)
  • Ambiance4 (4)


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Beaver and Mullet, The1184 Denman Street, #102, Vancouver
Will Be Back
Submitted Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 2:26pm [Dine in]

Probably the best food I've had in Vancouver so far. Husband and I each ordered a house salad and split a custom-made mac and cheese. The salad was divine, and the mac was amazing as well. Husband also had a beer that rendered him momentarily speechless. The food alone is enough to bring me back again and again.

Our server was sweet and attentive, and made sure we were having a good time. The food came really quickly, too, though I could only see one guy in the kitchen.

The value, simply outstanding. We ended up paying just over $30 for three entrees and a beer. Can't find prices like that anywhere else downtown, at least, I haven't. And for the quality of the food, I would gladly have paid more.

Ambience was nice, though nothing incredibly special. The place is small, with table and bar seating. It was packed, though that doesn't necessarily mean there were a lot of people. The hockey game was on the three TVs, and everyone was clearly having a good time. Not a good place to go for a quiet, romantic dinner, but if you're looking for amazing food and a place where you can laugh and talk, The Beaver and Mullet is the place for you.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
New management
Bean Brothers2179 W 41st Ave, Vancouver
Really Unimpressed
Submitted Friday, January 14, 2011 - 8:14pm [Take-out]

I'm not sure Bean Brothers' baristas have even read the Wikipedia article on lattes. They certainly don't know how to make one. The unfriendly, grumpy barista took our order for a latte and a caramel macchiato, barely spoke to us during the transaction, then dumped enough milk for both drinks into a large steaming pitcher, pressed a button on the machine, and let the machine heat and froth the milk. I'm pretty sure Bean Brothers doesn't know what microfoam is, either. We received terrible drinks. The bitter taste of the burnt espresso was not masked by the frothy hot milk as it would have been with properly steamed milk. It has never been such a struggle for me to drink a 12-oz cup of coffee and milk.

Husband went back there for a pound of medium roast coffee. We received a very dark roast, burnt, bitter and oily. Drank two cups of it, then had to replace it with decent coffee from a better roaster.

Terribly disappointed with the quality of the drinks and service here.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
Naam, The2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Absolutely Amazing!
Submitted Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 8:01pm [Dine in]

I absolutely love The Naam. The food is delicious, a refreshing change from your average burgers and fries. Every plate is full of delicious fresh veggies and piled sky-high with food. Considering the low prices, I was astonished the first time I went and was served a mountain of incredible food. Who could ask for more?

The service is pretty standard, nothing to write home about but definitely nothing to complain about either! I never felt like I was being ignored or forgotten, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the menu.

Value, as I mentioned, is outstanding. Prices range from about $7-$12, and for that much you get so much delicious food that you will only be able to finish if you are a competitive eating champion.

The atmosphere in The Naam is relaxed and refreshing. The salvaged furniture works well, the colours are neutral and warm, and the music isn't too loud or too quiet. Each evening I've gone there, I've been delighted to find decent live music.

And it's open 24 hours. It's the perfect place to hang out after a movie or show, when no one else is open and you need something tasty and vegetarian in your belly. I expect they're quite crowded with students pulling all-nighters during exam season, too!

The only problem I have with the Naam is making my way through the crowd of people at the door when I'm trying to leave. I guess they can't help being popular though! I've only lived in Vancouver a month, and so far this is my favourite restaurant. I have a hunch it will remain my favourite restaurant for quite a long time.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance