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tgd711SurreySince January 13, 20102 Reviews
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King Buffet4600 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Great Place if you want to be Insulted....Stay Away.
Submitted Sunday, August 28, 2011 - 1:40pm [Dine in]

Went to the King Buffet yesterday for lunch ($10.99). It was the first time here and definitely the last. Walked in and got a table pretty much right away, the place is large so lots of tables. The food is ok...not a huge selection not the best quality but I really don't expect that much for $10.99. After about being there for approx. 30 minutes, I asked somebody which turned out to be the manager/owner if I could get some water...well he just launches into me, you been here to long, you should leave, blah blah blah, I really was taken aback as I did not know what he was talking about as was up getting a second serving at the time and really only had some sushi (which was good) and a few nibbles the first serving. When I asked a waitress about him, who he was and how RUDE he is, she goes..."I know he is a rude man but he gets nervous when place is busy"...(it was not busy with loads of tables left). I asked the waitress about 10 minutes later if they log the time when someone comes in and if she could check how long we had been...she came back and said its just 40 minutes and they usually allow 1 1/2 hours before they get rude. I recognized this manager/owner from the oriental buffet in surrey and stopped going there because he was just so rude to customers
On another note make sure you have gone to the washroom before you go there...they are disgusting.

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Wild Rice117 W Pender Street, Vancouver
Wild Price...Sorry Wild Rice - On the take it or Leave it Scale....It's a Leave it.
Submitted Saturday, August 27, 2011 - 9:20am [Dine in]

Firstly...having the outside menu situated right behind the door is silly....felt like I would be slammed into by a swinging door from a departing customer.
Met by a very gracious server…. who really was very nice….then the food - Yikes
The food....expensive, small portions and mediocre at best. Can't believe $11.00 for some very flavourless dry white rice and a few bits of chicken (really tiny amount of chicken) (made a substitution from pork). Bill came and tried to charge an extra $3.00 for the sub....WHAT. Had another noodle dish $19.00 which included the $5.00 surcharge for BBQ Meat"S". When asked what the meats where, we were told it was pork...I asked why the menu was plural suggesting that there was more than one kind of meat, and was told normally it would be duck as well, but they were out....when I asked if the duck breast dish on the menu was sold out, we were told no, and it was too expensive "darling" to but that kind of duck on the noodle dish as a sub....REALLY. Considering the amount of BBQ pork meat that was added for the $5.00 was tad amount to a few I mean a few (6 or 7) very small thin slices I can't imagine a bit of duck would bankrupt them...btw no hint of reducing the price for no duck...LOL.
After some confusion with the bill etc....could not wait to get out of there fast enough...It was a Friday night place was quiet...maybe owners should take that as a hint that something is no longer right at Wild Price.

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