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tbcookieMaple RidgeSince July 29, 20063 Reviews
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3.5 (3.4)
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Rainbow Butterfly2850 Oxford Street, #1, Port Coquitlam
Delicious Dim Sum
Submitted Monday, March 22, 2010 - 5:43pm [Dine in]

My husband and I have visited Rainbow Butterfly roughly 5 - 7 times through 2009/2010, with our most recent visit being today.

The food is YUM. We have ordered and enjoyed the following items: steamed shrimp dumplings; steamed shimp and spinach dumplings; pan fried shrimp and chive dumplings; gailan with oyster sauce; rice wrap (or roll?) with three kinds of mushroom -- (my personal favourite!); eggplant, tofu, and peppers stuffed with fish paste; seafood and pumpkin dumplings; Shanghai pork dumplings; and another type of pork dumpling that my husband really enjoys, but whose name I have forgotten.

There was only one time when I experienced something unpleasant during one of our visits, and that was a very slightly musty/moldy flavour to a bit of pumpkin in one bite of a seafood and pumpkin dumpling. I was a bit put off, but got over it, and have had nothing but positive experiences before and since.

As for the service, the folks at Rainbow Butterfly must have read the less than positive comments from other reviewers, because we have never experienced poor service. The person who we believe must be the owner, is always friendly and keeping an eye on things, the wait staff pick up the order forms quickly, and pick up empty dishes promptly. I admit that we were unsure when we went for the first time if we were going to feel welcome or if there was going to be a language barrier, as it seemed that most of the patrons and all of the staff were asian and conversing in another language, but this wasn't an issue. On the occassions when we would ask a staff member who didn't understand English well, that person who seek out another staff member who was fluent in English to assist us, and we appreciated that.

We have also always felt that the value of the food for our money was very good. We choose, on average, 6-7 dishes, including one or two "chef's selections" which are the slightly pricier items on the menu, and our bill has always been under $30. I would say it has always been between $23 and $28 before the tip.

We love going to Rainbow Butterfly for dim sum and look forward to our next visit.

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  • Ambiance
Baka Cafe22899 Dewdney Trunk Rd, #2, Maple Ridge
Great first visit. We'll be back!
Submitted Monday, March 22, 2010 - 5:10pm [Dine in]

My husband and I were out for a walk one Sunday earlier this month and were about to stop in at Tim Hortons for a treat, when my husband suggested we check out the nearby Baka Cafe that we'd heard about.

We walked in and were greated by the owner who answered our questions about the various treats we were looking at behind the glass. (There were maybe three sweet selections, and two savoury selections. I admit it didn't seem like a lot to choose from on first glance.) She also directed us to some options listed on a whiteboard behind us, which I don't think we would have noticed otherwise. These options were a variety of fillings for freshly made crepes. (They were called something else on the board, and it slips my mind now, but that's what they were.)

My husband and I both ordered Nutella and banana crepes. He ordered a regular coffee and I ordered a Turkish coffee. The crepes were delicious -- my husband says they were "just awesome" (but keep in mind that you need a pretty serious sweet tooth for the filling we chose) and the coffee was good as well. We were both surprised that we each were given two crepes, not just one. And if I recall correctly, the price was less than $5 for each plate.

My husband had been asking questions about some of the other dishes available there and the owner told him she makes cabbage rolls. My husband couldn't resist and ordered two to go for dinner that night. I'm particular about meat, so I didn't partake, but they smelled delicious and my husband seemed to really enjoy them, though he did comment that he was expecting they would have a bit more sauce on them.

I did rate the ambiance a little on the low side, but I wasn't truly expecting anything super fancy. It is a small cafe after all. The seating area was nice, but there was something about the food displays that looked a bit sparse and not overly inviting. If it weren't for the owner engaging us and explaining the food selections, we might not have noticed everything that was available, and our experience might have been different. (As I mentioned there was a whiteboard with coffee and crepe options and once we were seated, I also spotted a chalkboard listing the other selections.)

All in all, a positive experience. We're planning on stopping by this evening for a little coffee and dessert after dinner. (Hubby has a hankering for another of those crepes.)

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  • Ambiance
Hamada Japanese Restaurant22529 Lougheed Hwy, #200, Maple Ridge
Our favourite place for sushi in Maple Ridge
Submitted Monday, September 1, 2008 - 12:59pm [Dine in]


Hamada is our standard go-to place for sushi in Maple Ridge. The food has always been good. We've chosen a fair variety of items including the standard miso soup (fantastic) and sunomono (almost always good, but occasionally the noodles aren't prepared properly), as well as salmon, tuna, and ebi nigiri, udon, California and Philadelphia rolls, and agadashi tofu. There's something my husband always orders as well -- chicken with teriyaki sauce on a skewer -- that he enjoys very much, but the name of which I can't recall.

We also appreciate the sample item this is brought around nearly every visit, and the oranges at the end of the meal.


The prices at Hamada did increase at some point earlier this year, which is unfortunate, but expected. The prices had remained fixed for quite some time. I used to regulary order the tempura udon, because it was such a fantastic deal -- an order of assorted tempura and a full vegetable udon for only $7 or $8. This is now closer to $10 or $11, if I correctly recall.

On a slightly negative note, I would like to comment on the udon, which is meant to be made with fish stock. I have, on more than one occasion when ordering either tempura udon or vegetable udon found a piece of chicken in my order. As someone who does not eat land-dwelling creatures, this was very frustrating and was a deterred me from visiting for a while. The language barrier between myself and some of the waitstaff make it very difficult at times to address this issue, and I have not felt it necessary to bring my concerns to management.

And one last thing in the negative category is something just recently brought to my attention and that is the Fraser Health Authority's Food Inspection Report for Hamada. I've included the link so that you can search for Hamada (or other restaurants for that matter) and read for yourselves, but the pattern seems to indicate problems, which are resolved in time for the follow-up inspections, only to recur again and again. This does make my feel somewhat less confident about Hamada, but hopefully they've got themselves back on track. It would be a shame to lose Hamada, but they'll have to work to keep these health issues under control.

Food Inspection Report: http://www.healthspace.ca/Clients/FHA/FHA_Website.nsf/

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