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tanjay90coquitlam bcSince January 19, 20122 Reviews
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Szechuan Chongqing Seafood1668 West Broadway, #205, Vancouver
Ripped off........
Submitted Sunday, March 10, 2013 - 10:52pm [Dine in]

I was one of the victims who bought the groupon unwittingly, having assumed this branch was of the same quality as the one near Metrotown.

I showed that my groupon coupon when I first entered. (BAD MISTAKE)
I picked 2 dishes and 1 appetizer from the menu which totalled about $40. I subsequently asked the manager/waiter for any recommendations, and he said we should try their Chinese spinach cooked with garlic, since it didn't sound expensive. Turned out, that simple veggie dish cost $27! I asked to see the manager regarding it and he changed it to $22.

Total bill came up to over $70 for 2 people. Guess what, they even charged $2 for tea, for each individual person which is totally unheard of in any Chinese restaurant!

Food was nothing but bad! The beef dished we ordered only had 10 slices of beef amidst a pile of extremely salty sauce.

*** heres a tip for any of you guys who also bought the groupon- show them your coupon at the end of service, after they hand you your bill. I had a friend who did that and he didn't get ripped off as badly as I did.

Avoid at all cost, unless you feel exceedingly generous that day. (I'd rather you donate to charity nonetheless)

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Red Ginger Asian Cuisine967 West Broadway, Vancouver
Several Tries
Submitted Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 9:15am [Dine in]

Contrary to other reviews, everytime I have gone to Red Ginger, which has been several times, I found service to be unfair and noticed unfair treatment.

I have been there around 5 times+ so I have reason to believe what i've been experiencing at this restaurant is consistent. Everytime I have been there, Kam has never once greeted me or my family. We sit down, and we order, finish our food and leave. I have looked around and observed that all other asian customers receive the same kind of treatment. I have been there on busy nights as well as slow days and Kam tends to specifically go up to the door and greet people as well as tend to their table enthusiastically, if they are Caucasian.
You can take this as a biased observance, but this is what I have experienced personally after having eaten there several times.

The other day I went there for a lunch with family and while eating, I overheard Kam loudly scolding two elderly filipino ladies. I can understand if there was a problem, but there is no need to raise your voice. They had inquired about take out trays and their pricing. He responded by telling them that they had offended him and that the price shouldn't matter because if every customer used a take out tray it still wouldn't be enough to pay his phone bill. He proceeded by telling them they were being cheap and complained of how he had to change a lot of the prices for the restaurant in order to make payments.
I found this to be extremely unprofessional and an extremely unpleasant experience for myself, my family, and everyone else eating at that time.

Needless to say, the only thing that holds me back from going is the service. If I saw and exerienced the same enthusiastically complying and friendly treatment which Kam shows to his other Caucasian customers, i'm sure I'd be compelled to come back. But after witnessing how other asian families such as mine get sidelined and ignored time after time in comparison to other customers, I'm not sure if I'd make the decision to go back ever again.

In conclusion, the food is mediocre, portion size is good and the 2 for 1 coupons are a decent deal. Service, however, is the dealbreaker.

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