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sweetvolleyhighMarpoleSince August 30, 20082 Reviews
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2.5 (2.6)
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Romano's Macaroni Grill1523 Davie Street, Vancouver
A long wait = FREE DINNER!
Submitted Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 2:33pm [Dine in]

Had some friends in town from Calgary and I suggested something new to 3 out of the 4 of us (my girlfriend said she had been there 'years ago')

Great atmosphere from the moment you get onto the property. Not just novel because it's in an old house/mansion, but very warm and relaxed thanks to the way it has been designed to function as a restaurant.

No appetizers were ordered and we went straight to the mains. Lots to choose from, it took a while for each of us to decide. I'm only going to personally comment on mine, which was the Sicilian Pizza. Very tasty. Everything tasted very fresh and the spicy sauce and italian sausage really tasted great. My gf had Vodka Rustika (she says she liked it), buddy had Chicken Parm (he was indifferent) and the girl buddy had Pollo al Marsala (she loved it).

Here's the only problem (though there was a solution): it was busy, and I'm unsure if an order got put in wrong/late or what happened, but it took a long time for the food to come. I would estimate 40-45 minutes. Now, this was fine by me in the sense that it gave myself and some old friends time to really chat and catch up, but they have an infant and having to hang out in a restaurant for almost 2 hours with an infant from arriving to leaving is kind of a long time. But, the service while we waited was excellent, lots of refills etc. and lots of apologies. We understand, these things happen.

Finally, just before the food arrived, the waitress came out one last time and apologized again for the delay, and wanted to let us know before the food came that we would not be charged for anything that night. Not drinks. Not food. Nothing. Completely on the house because of the delay. I did not expect that, in fact, none of us did. That was a classy/smart move by the Macaroni Grill. To be honest, I loved my meal and would have gone back anyways completely understanding that delays sometimes happen. I know they are not always slow with preparation.

So in conclusion: Don't EXPECT a free dinner, but expect a good meal with a great atmosphere. Go with friends...there's lots of room. I know I'll be going back.

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Olympia Pizza3205 West Broadway, Vancouver
Unfortunately, lots to complain about
Submitted Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 2:06pm [Dine in]

I'll start by noting that this is the first time I've ever eaten here.
Started by giving my order, ordered a "Pepsi or Coke, whatever you serve", to a reply 'we don't sell Coke'. Okay I'll have a Pepsi. Just one though, as no refills were offered once to myself or my girlfriend. Our glasses were empty and the waitress only checked on us once, about 2 minutes after our meal came.

Saganaki was the starter. I know the lemon is there for a little flavour, but the wedge on the cheese was almost half a lemon, pre-squeezed by the cook so the cheese was absolutely swimming in it. Was too bitter to eat, had about 2 small bites worth and that was all.

Entree was BBQ chicken and Baked Lasagna. the chicken, while a nice proportion, was smothered in what I assume is their 'house' sauce, which tasted only a little different than tomato sauce. Not flavourful or BBQ tasting at all. The plate the chicken was served on was so small, that the chicken didn't even completely fit on it, so while cutting it, I had to mind that I didn't push it off onto the table. I wish I could describe the 'different' taste the lasagna had to it, but I've never tasted any lasagna like that before and can't think of another flavour or taste to compare it to. I didn't enjoy it, though I just finished it as a leftover for lunch, and to be honest it tasted better re-heated than it did when it was first cooked.

My girlfriend didn't finish her meal either, but we got her leftover chicken and greek salad to go as well. I opened up the container today, and there was the chicken mixed in with salad. I'm no food scientist, but when meat cools I believe bacteria grows, and now that bacteria is all over the salad. Can't really 'nuke the salad to try kill if off. Would have preferred if the meat and salad had been packaged in seperate containers.

Finally, we put our plates over so it was obvious we were finished. The table behind us had 2 seperate waitresses and who I assume is the owner/manager check on them, take their plates, bring their 'to go containers' and the check, without our waitress coming once. When she did, it took about 7 minutes for our leftovers to be packed, and the bill didn't come with it. We asked for it and waited another 5 minutes for it. Put our money it right away...and waited...waited. Waitress didn't come take it so we took it in. Had to stand at the counter for another few minutes as other waitresses served their customers and got their bills processed, ours came and went without looking at us. I finally waved the bill at her and she stated 'oh, I guess I can get change for you if you need it.' Yes. We need change. We needed it 10 minutes ago.

I hate to sound really negative, but the service was terrible, I didn't enjoy any of the food, and it was very expensive for the quality. I will never go back.

As stated above however, this was my first time there, and perhaps I just got unlucky. ?

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