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supermouthhappyVancouverSince January 28, 20102 Reviews
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Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant1246 Kingsway, Vancouver
I love this place
Submitted Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 1:18am [Dine in]

Hai Phong pretty much has the best pho in the city. The quality of beef is good, the broth is fragrant and delicious, the noodles nicely cooked. I am constantly crediting this restaurant for keeping me healthy during this past winter. Everything I have ever ordered here has been tasty. Like I said, the pho is the best around. Their bun (vermicelli salad with grilled pork and spring roll) is also really good and fresh. They have a great Thai-style hotpot (sized for small groups) that is delicious and reasonably priced. Their salad rolls are also always fresh and delicious. Chicken wings, Vietnamese crepe, tamarind crab: good, good, good (a teensy bit overcooked but the crab/tamarind flavors were fantastic).

They also deserve credit for being one of the few Vietnamese restaurants to accept debit/credit. Most of the staff speak perfect English; they were able to accommodate a friend's peanut allergy with no problems (no small feat for a Vietnamese restaurant).

I have definitely become a regular, going weekly at minimum. I am almost wary of posting a review because they almost always seem at a perfect level of busy: crowded, but always with a table or two still available so there's no wait when I get there. I'd be sad if I suddenly needed to wait a few minutes when I arrive, but more sad if they ever closed (I had it rough when they took winter holiday). Love this place.

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Fortune Garden Seafood Restaurant1475 West Broadway, Vancouver
I've never felt so blatantly ripped off in my entire life...
Submitted Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 12:39am [Dine in]

I went here with 2 friends to have a nice Chinese dinner out. We ordered one of my favorite Chinese dishes, steamed rock cod. Its a dish I've ordered out often both in Vancouver and Seattle. It was listed as 'market price' so we anticipated it would be a bit more expensive; from looking at the prices listed in their menu (most around $12-$18), we assumed the fish might be about double their other dish prices, which wouldn't be terribly out of line with this dish in other restaurants. Expecting maybe at max a $40 fish, imagine our dismay to receive the bill with the rock cod costing $92.

Now this isn't some Daniel Boulud hamburger made from kobe beef shortribs with foie gras, truffles, and goldleaf flakes... it was just steamed fish. A really really expensive steamed fish.

The experience was not made any better by the service we received either. The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived, only two other tables were occupied. They seated us on the opposite side of the restaurant and then promptly ignored us. We picked out our order fairly quickly and then sat with our menus closed and waited. And waited more. Finally we were able to flag down the waiter and order (3 dishes plus rice), at which the waiter just mumbled at us "no soup?!" as he took our menus and left.

We ordered tofu with prawns in a prawn roe sauce which was tasty even if the sauce was really cornstarchy thick. They also have a terrible selection of vegetable dishes; their lone seasonal vegetable dish was baby bokchoy which we also ordered. And so, what does a $92 rock cod taste like? The flavor was alright (I do like the steamed fish sauce over rice), but it was cooked a bit unevenly so some parts were actually overcooked and a bit chewy. Also, when it was brought to us, the waiter removed the main bones to the side of the dish, but really mangled the entire topside of the fish in the process (another indication that the fish was a bit overcooked and the waiter careless).

Overall, an absolutely terrible restaurant experience. If they were trying to ensure we would never return, they most definitely succeeded. With so many delicious and reasonably priced chinese restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond, this exorbitant price gouging and poor service is simply unacceptable.

Buyer Beware at Fortune Garden.

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