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superchefBurnaby BC CanadaSince November 28, 20102 Reviews
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Tim Hortons3965 North Rd, Burnaby
Submitted Monday, May 21, 2012 - 3:09am [Take-out]

Email to management:

I was ordering coffee and I ordered a double double, 3 creams and the cashier says double double what? She was smiling but I sensed the frustration and the anger in her face/voice. Maybe you should remind her that you sell COFFEE?? First part of the training regimine should be to watch the commericials where you can pick up the lingo? Maybe memorize it?

I also have a VISA debit card. The cashier does not ask me if it is Debit or Credit and she assumed Credit, even though I had informed her I wanted to pay with DEBIT. It did not go through so the second female rips up my receipt WITHOUT asking if I might want it for my records. I was THOUROUGHLY PISSED off with the attitude and rudeness of both SERVERS. Maybe explain to these two individuals that Tim Horton's is about CUSTOMER SERVICE.

One more thing, my "server" was pouring me coffee and even though there was coffee available, she pauses - makes her CUTOMER wait - as she opens another packet of coffee before she pours the last cup. She did not do that for the white customer. Yes I am brown skinned and I understand you just stopped listening because there is no racism in Canada right. Oh. Unless you are not white. Now you can dismiss my complaint as another one of "those" people making a fuss. Ignore the fact that she IGNORED me as she opened a packet of coffee grounds while a quarter pot was in front of her. The same pot that she eventually used to pour my coffee once she was done making me wait. Maybe it weas not racism, but a complete lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE knowledge.

I expect better service from Tim Horton's personnel. I expect to be treated with respect. Neither individual treated me with respect.

After a quick search online, I see that more than 1 individual has problems with this location. Seems this is an incredibly slow location. Not a surprise that there are others who have problems with this location.

Next time, I will go elsewhere because I want nothing to do with this location or these two staffers.

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Joey1899 Rosser Ave, #109, Burnaby
Smoke Pit
Submitted Saturday, November 27, 2010 - 11:01pm [Dine in]

I have been to the Joey's downtown and the food there was incredible, as was the service.

I have never been to the location on Lougheed and likely never will because while the food may be good, walking through disgusting smoke and having my clothes smell like it ruins a good meal. I am not about to pay for that "privlege." There are no signs reminding guests of the smoking by law and forces non-smokers to walk through that disgusting air.

I spoke to a manager at the restaurant and while she was pleasant, I did not get a huge desire to change this situation. Instead of offering any concrete solutions or actions, she told me that I could use a side door to gain entry. So instead of doing anything about illegal activity by her guests, she tells me to ignore the whole thing and use a side entrance.

That is disappointing.

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