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sumikoBurnaby B.CSince January 17, 20114 Reviews
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Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant4820 Kingsway, #236, Burnaby
Go to the foodcourt instead - what horrid food/service
Submitted Sunday, February 27, 2011 - 8:20pm [Dine in]

Went here for the first and last time, only because I always want to try for myself what the food and service is like, despite all the bad reviews for this place. Read a few reviews about the service and management. They are all correct. The manager there is unreal, he's the one who seated us. We asked for a booth, he looked annoyed, not even a hello to start with by the way. We got to our seat, he literally threw a small dish of wasabi on the table and it slid across the table. We got two cups of tea, with half of it poured all over the table. For amusement's sake we stayed to check out the food.

The sashimi and sushi was mediocre at best, wasn't expecting anything spectacular from an AYCE place but this was definitely below low grade. Seaweed salad - limp and unfresh, tempura - triple battered crap, short ribs - gross!! old and overmarinated, sashimi was old tasting, sushi used way too much rice to act as filler. We ordered some sushi cones it had so much rice and hardly any ingredient (e.g. negitoro, chopped scallop, etc)

As if the food wasn't bad enough, I really can't say enough about the service. The waitresses look as though they just woke up, completely oblivious to anything you might need. They won't stop to see if you need anything, you have to ask for everything and hope they walk by. You can sit there after your meal with yout coat on staring at the waitresses walking by and nothing...its actually quite comical. I finally asked one wandering by for the bill and she went to get it.

Two adults, all you can eat, plus two drinks (pop) came to $49 something including tax. $50 for a bad meal and bad service. I saw another post by someone about this manager asking for a tip 10 times, what nerve...maybe these people don't know that its the service we diners tip on. Even if the food was what it was, if I felt that they cared even a tiny bit about the service and/or comfort of the customers, I would have left a tip. I paid by credit card and left zero tip. I did have one tip, learn how to pour green tea without getting half of it all over the food and table. And two people sitting with their coats on with empty plates on the table means...they want the bill. Don't go here. So many places you can spend $50 for a decent meal and nice service.

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Guu Original838 Thurlow St, Vancouver
Long Time Guu Lover
Submitted Sunday, February 27, 2011 - 2:20am [Dine in]

I've been going to the Guu on Thurlow for years. Their food is amazing. Things you have to try:

Yaki Udon - Thick Japanese Udon noodles fried in butter, sake, garlic, green onion and thin sliced beef. It's so good...Ikageso - Grilled squid legs with spicy japanese mayo dip. always a favorite snack with an Asahi beer

Sashimi Salad - A fresh assorted of sashimi including amaebi, salmon, hirame. Julienne daikon, spring mix and tomatoes with japanese mayo drizzled on it. They use japanese mayo on lots of things but I LOVE it so I don't mind.

Good tip is to see what everyone is ordering, the variety is great. Great place for drinks and appys with friends. I've tried everything on the menu but they have dailt fresh sheets with lots of choices of non menu items to try something new. I really love this place, I will keep coming back for more!

There's not much of a wait ever if you're a party of two. That way a counter seats are good. If you're there when it opens at 5:30 for dinner, 2 caqn get it right away. Any other time we've never waited more than 20 mins. And you're right off of Robson so there's lots to do to kill time if you're more than 2 people and need a table. The wait is worth it, I bring all my out of town friends here and they love it. Love the sharing plates here, you can try so many things in one meal!

Prices are good, everythings about $4 to $8, a bit more for sashimi dishes. Drinks can add up but a dinner for two with a full belly and a few drinks is about $50. Great value for the variety and delicious little sharing plates.

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Fresh Slice2529 E. Hastings Street, Vancouver
Nothing Special about Fresh Slice
Submitted Saturday, February 26, 2011 - 4:19pm [Delivery]

It was before 4pm and the usual place I order from, Hot Oven Pizza was still closed for delivery so I thought I'd try Fresh Slice since I had read a few good reviews about their food. I ordered the Garlic Lovers pizza and an order of chicken wings. The pizza was not supposed to have pineapple on it, their menu does not say pineapple is on the pizza but they threw it on any way. Yuck. There was barely any cheese on it, I couldn't see or taste any mozzarella, and there was some cheddar on top but not a whole lot. I could see the bottom of the pizza clearly, and not just bits either. Not much toppings, it looked like it was thrown together very quickly. The crust was okay I guess, sad that that's the only good part of the pizza.

So I tried the wings, they were okay, nothing special either. A little burnt and covered in some kind of oil. A garlic dip came with it which made it alright. If there was no dip, I probably would have thrown it out like the pizza.

Maybe I got them on a horrid food day? It was disappointing. My order came to 24 bucks and I only had twenties. I asked for 14 back and the delivery person only had 10. I said I'm not tipping 6 bucks on a 24 dollar order so I had to put out my change jar and try to pay exact. But then she had the change after all, afetr I had dumped out change on my kitchen table to start counting dimes. Annoying. If an order is 24, carry change for a 30 or 40.

Will not be ordering again. Oh and I had originally asked for spaghetti because that was also on their menu. He asked me what kind of toppings I wanted on the pasta. Confused, I asked just sauce and cheese. Its not meat sauce either, its basic tomato sauce. Glad I didn't order it, not that what I got was any better.

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Hot Oven Pizza and Pasta5620 Hastings street, Burnaby
Best Pasta & Salad Dinner by Delivery
Submitted Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 5:41pm [Delivery]

I rarely order pasta fom pizza places as the quality has never been that great. Most places I've ordered pasta from have been a disappointment...pasta overcooked, sauce never tastes homemade, etc. I tried Hot Oven Pizza's pasta a few years back and have been ordering regurlarly since. Their pasta is cooked to order, its never soggy like the kind left cooked so it can easily be mixed with the sauce and heated up. The spaghetti is always el dente, meat sauce is delicious with a slight peppery spice, garlic and onions simmered together with the ground meat. I'm positive its a blend of beef and pork...its so good. I usually order either the baked lasagna or spaghetti with cheese plus meatballs. Each of these dishes are baked to perfection with cheese and topped with parmesan and parsley. The meatballs are also delightful! You get three large ones per pasta orders above and I have ordered extras before to make my own meatball subs with, its garlicy, seasoned well and never dry.

The house salad is awesome, its always slightly different, but usually has mixed greens, red onion, cucumbers and tomatoes. Topped with crunchy croutons and the best part is the house dressing. Its a vinegarette type dressing with ground onion, spices, probably garlic and maybe a dash of soy? Its so delicious and fresh to go with the rich, meaty pasta dishes.

This is my go to place for nights where I feel like a home cooked meal but too lazy to make it : )

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