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Sue AnnKitchener, OntarioSince March 29, 20131 Review
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Corner Pub, The22 South Ottawa Street, Kitchener
Time for a positive review!
Submitted Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 6:07pm [Dine in]

I am a regular at The Corner Pub and am very upset that the only reviews that ever appear are negative. Why would someone go to a karaoke night and then complain that it was all Karaoke? I am not a singer...I can, but don't sing because I ENJOY HEARING VERY GOOD SINGERS AND I AM JUST AVERAGE. Randy has many very good singers who follow him from venue to venue because he has a very good show. Yes he like most of us can get a little rude sounding but that is just what it is. He may sound rude to some but does not intend to be. If he was rude all these people would soon find another karaoke spot to go to. As for the music not suiting all the customers...that is one of the joys of Karaoke. Every singer has his preference so you are not likely to have a whole night of Standards or Country, you get a little of every genre.-that means something for everyone but in Karaoke form.
Singers often have to wait an hour or more for their turns in the rotation. They would go elsewhere if the host decided he or she was going to put the radio on or become a DJ for any length of time. Go to a bar that does not have Karaoke if that is not what you want to hear. Simple as thatsince there are lots to choose from!
As for the food. Emma and her staff do an amazing job in that tiny kitchen. They produce great food with lots too choose from and at very good prices. If someone said they have very little selection i would say they have a manageable menu and in fact when they first started I told them they were very ambitious to offer so many options especially for breakfast with the limited kitchen they had to work with. |They prove me wrong all the time. Exceptions happen of course. Staff may not show up for their shifts and restaurants all suffer from this but many have large staffs and can cover easily for the missing man. Emma has minimal staff and manages to continue serving good food as fast as she can. Staffing more heavily would be possible with more room to manoeuvre and consistent crowds of customers but one day the place is standing room only the next it may be only half full.
This is a Corner Pub...they serve alcohol....but don't think for a minute that if I am there at 10:30 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon that I am unemployed or that the others there are either. The people assessing the patrons must not have heard of shift work, people who work outside the 9-5 Monday to Friday or early retirement.
You get all kinds of people here. I work in an office, my friends who also frequent the Corner Pub range from retired teachers, construction workers, truck drivers, accountants, factory workers and people who on disability pensions who would much rather be working and of course lots of retirees. Come out often and you too will become a friend.
The friends have been known to move over and join another table just to give a newcomer a table, they’ll share their newspapers with you too. I like the fact that I am a woman and can feel safe and comfortable going into the Corner Pub alone. I don’t know of any other “bar” that serves alcohol that I can say that about. I know when I go in there will be regulars who will make me feel welcome and that the staff knows how I take my coffee, the way I like my eggs and whether I want brown, white or rye toast.
If you happen to go in when one of “those” moments happen in the kitchen try and remember the cooks are the same as you and I. They have “days” just like us. Remember they are not hidden away in the back somewhere where you never see how your meal is being created. So yes you may see or hear something not meant for your ears or eyes. They don’t have the comfort of hiding nor the time to go vent out of ear shot or eye sight. If you think they should be perfect let’s see you be perfect all the time…then try doing their job. I have worked in customer service over the years….it is one tough job and most people couldn’t be paid enough to do it. These are people who do it for payment most people wouldn’t work for.
I won't even start on bartenders and their jobs.

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