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stiinkycheeseVancouverSince November 19, 20072 Reviews
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Nishiki Sushi6501 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Submitted Monday, October 27, 2008 - 12:33am [Dine in]

Nishiki's used to be our go-to spot for a sushi craving but we went there this past Wednesday and were extremely disappointed.

We normally order agedashi tofu and it tastes pretty good. This time, the taste was the same, but the size of the tofu shrunk by about half. Now, we have 6 small pieces of tofu compared to before, when we couldn't even count the number of pieces.

I think everything's gone up in price by at least $1. The chicken udon is pathetic now. The udon was premade in a ziploc container. I could see the waitress taking it out and putting some udon in my bowl. Then she poured some watery-flavored soup into the bowl and brought it out. The chicken was cooked on a separate plate (nice presentation) but again, there was aout 3/4 less chicken than usual. the amount of udon noodles given was 1/2 less than before.

After they changed owners, we found ourselvevs to wait AT LEAST half an hour (not exaggerating) after ordering before the food would come out, even though its not busy.

Not worth it anymore, totally overpriced for the amount of food you're getting.

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Red Robin4640 Kingsway, #112, Burnaby
Submitted Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 7:47pm [Dine in]

I used to come here quite often in high school and would order something new off the menu everytime. Finally got sick of it after a year of it so my boyfriend and I decided not to come back anymore because after we finished, we'd be so full to the point where we felt like exploding.

A couple weeks ago, I had a craving for Clucks and fries so we went back and ordered that with some chili. The quality of the food was pretty poor-- the fries were dry, chicken was dry and the chili was so greasy that there was a 1/2cm layer of great on top of it. Needless to say we couldn't finish it..

At that particular visit the service was alright but back then whenever we asked for more fries or a refill, I found the servers would give us dirty looks like they wanted us to leave or they would be really short with us.

I took a picture of the chili to remind myself as to why I'm never going back there again. :P

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