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splmNorth VancouverSince August 22, 20072 Reviews
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Sanafir1026 Granville Street, Vancouver
Great food
Submitted Wednesday, August 22, 2007 - 11:58am [Dine in]

I visited Sanafir recently as a group of 2, and found the food to be mouthwatering. Unfortunately, we were under the impression from an article that we had read that it was a completely vegetarian restaurant. Oops.
This resulted in us accidentally eating meat in our spring rolls, as the full menu hadn't been given to us, and we were looking at the appetizer menu.
The meaty spring rolls were, unfortunately, delicious. We realized our mistake as we heard kitchen staff yelling, "Beef trio!" "Tuna trio!"
Oh well, the spring rolls were tiny anyways. Our server was just decent, didn't seem very enthused, but was helpful and knowledgeable.
The food was a flavour overload, and we were just having the vegetarian trio. Every item was a new eclectic mix of flavours, and our pants had to be officially unbuttoned by the end of the meal.
However, my cocktail was, as is the general consensus, weak. I ended up ordering two Kama Sutras which, ironically, with their seeming lack of any liquor at all, would not have gotten me drunk enough to get into bed.
I would go back for the food, however, unfortunately we are stuck with ordering the only vegetarian meal, but what else is new.
Delicious food.

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Caramba! Restaurante4314 Main St., #12, Whistler
Not impressed
Submitted Wednesday, August 22, 2007 - 11:49am [Dine in]

It was not fantastic by any means. We came in as a group of 10 people, all teenagers and early-20s, and when our waitress asked us if we would all be on one bill, we replied no, and she groaned.
I asked her how much the small order of pasta would be (all pastas on the menu were in the $14-16 range, and a note at the bottom of the menu said that small orders of all the pastas were available, with no price listed.) She referred to is as a "half order" said it would come to about $7, so I went ahead and ordered the taglierini pesto and a diet coke, which turned out to be $3.50... almost ridiculous in itself. When I wanted to get a refill, I was also extremely surprised that it would cost me $1, so I passed.
The pasta came, a rather tiny portion, but I figured it would be fine. The bills came, and she had charged me $10.50 for the pasta. I asked her why when she had said $7 earlier, and she said, "Well, it was actually a 3/4 order." She nevertheless gave me a 10% discount on the pasta, but had earlier made a point of saying, "Welcome to Whistler. Everything's expensive here."
To top it all off, they didn't have an Interac machine, and as we had all come back from a camping trip, were not carrying much cash on us, and ended up having to put multiple bills on one person's Visa card anyways... maybe she wouldn't have groaned so much if she'd known we all wanted to pay by debit card anyways.
I would never go back... my poor server didn't get a tip because I figured the restaurant was making enough profit off my no-refills, $3.50 Diet Coke.

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