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skit.rasmussenRegina, SKSince December 30, 20141 Review
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McDonald's1955 Prince of Wales Drive, Regina
I dislike McDonald's to begin with but my experience here has pushed me to the point of boycotting it.
Submitted Monday, December 29, 2014 - 6:36pm [Dine in]

Never once have I ever been treated so poorly in a restaurant. When we first walked in, the restaurant was a mess. The counters where the fountain drinks and napkins etc was a disgusting mess, most tables were dirty, both garbage disposals were overfilled and spilling out onto the floor and the one window had been splattered with some kind of white liquid (errrrrrrrrrrr). We waited in line for probably about 15-20 minutes when there was only 3 people ahead of us. This was due to the fact that they only had one till open and the person working it was new and didn't have a clue about how to do anything. When we finally reached the front of the line, the manager was helping him ring in our order. The manager was just assuming what type of chicken we wanted without asking and made several mistakes throughout the order that we weren't aware of until we saw what had come out (we never received a receipt). While we were waiting for our incorrect order, we watched several staff members come out and stare at me, point and laugh. (I have dreadlocks and I wear a vest with a bunch of patches on it apparently I look stupid or something). After witnessing all that crap, we receive our food to find out my mother's salad didn't get the cashew's or proper dressing for it, i received fries without asking for them and none of us received our cups for our drinks. My mother told one of the employees about her salad mix up and then she brought another incorrect dressing and didn't know what cashews were. I had finally had enough and asked the manager to just refund the entire order. The manager started becoming very short with me. While I was waiting for him to count out the money he owed us, I said 'to my brother I would just take us to Burger King. The manager stopped and raised his voice at me and said "Oh well you think Burger King is better than our food?" I said yeah it sure is and then he got all passive aggressive and condescending with me. I voiced my complaint about his employee's laughing and staring at me and he started yelling at me and questioning the validity of my complaint. Uhhhhhh... Is his job not to manage? Because in customer service, the customer is always right. I work in customer service too and have had to deal with lots of unreasonable assholes but I don't think in any way I was being difficult. After yelling at me, he handed me my change which was 8 dollars short of what I had paid. I said it and then he started slamming things around and then handed me another 5 dollars and told me to leave. So basically I had to pay 3 dollars to put up with that shit.

Needless to say, I now go to Burger King if I need something cheap and fast. At least there I can have it my way.

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