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skarlattMission, Fraser ValleySince July 29, 20082 Reviews
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West Beach Bar and Grill1101 Elm Street, White Rock
Disappointing Dining Experience
Submitted Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 7:28pm [Dine in]

It was with mixed feelings that I took my mom and a friend to the West Beach Grill on Saturday for dinner. I had been there a few times before and wasn't too impressed with the food or service. However, this was my mom's favourite White Rock restaurant so I shelved my misgivings and agreed to go. The experience we had was so bad that I feel compelled to share it.

First of all, at 5:30 the restaurant wasn't at all busy, which I thought would be a good thing. We'd get our food hot and fresh. Our server appeared at our table in a dress so short and sheer and low cut I thought she was wearing a slip. This might attract some customers (mostly male I'd think) but for a group of women it was embarrassing. Especially as the sun shining through the flimsy fabric of her dress showed off her southern attributes which didn't appear to have much in the way of undercovering.

My mom (who is 80) ordered a chicken club sandwich, my friend a hamburger. I asked about the House salad and was given a very vague and not very appetizing description of what was in it. Our server did explain that the menu was a brand new menu. So I went safe and I ordered chicken wings extra crispy. Our meal arrived 10 minutes after ordering it minus the chicken wings. The order was wrong. The waitress put a hamburger in front of my mom, told her that when she had entered her chicken sandwich in the computer, there had been a glitch due to the NEW Menu and the order came up hamburger. Not wanting to be "difficult" and because the server had already put the burger in front of her, my mom reluctantly accepted the hamburger. The waitress came back a few minutes later and offered us Calamari to make up for the error in the order. We thanked her and refused the Calamari. She said no problem, she could give it away to someone else. (Which made me think "was the calamari another computer glitch and she was just trying to give it away?") And I still didn't have MY meal. About 10-15 minutes after my mom and my friend got their meals, I got my meal. A plate of what appeared to be under-cooked chicken wings, definitely NOT crispy as ordered. We probably sat there for 20 minutes not enjoying our dinner, listening to some guy do sound checks, while being ignored by our server. Our server came up to the table once to offer my mom a refill of coffee and walked away without offering us refills of water or even asking us how our meal was. Yes, we could have asked for a refill of water but by this time I'm just wanting to get out of there. The guy blowing up party balloons blew too hard and popped one, startling me so badly I put out my neck.

As far as the food went....When I complained to our server about the raw looking chicken wings , I got a look and a smirk that left no doubt in my mind she didn't believe me. She took the wings away to box them up, (if I was paying for them, I was taking them home to recook them). Then she came back to our table and said that she'd taken the chicken wings to the kitchen to check them to see if they were undercooked, and took them off the bill because they were actually quite under-cooked. I left them at the table. She took 1/2 off my mom's meal because she was given a burger rather than a chicken sandwich. The fries which looked good, were really under-cooked. The burgers which also looked good were both so dry and rubbery, my mom couldn't bite into hers, and actually had trouble cutting into it with her knife. My friend's burger was the same. Seemed like the burgers had been pre-cooked and left to sit until someone ordered one.

I have tried to contact the owner of the restaurant to make my concerns heard in person, but am unable to reach him by phone. The few times I've called the restaurant I've been told that he's not there and no one seems to know how to get hold of him. Only one of the numbers on his business card is connected, and that's the one to the restaurant. I think it is only fair warning to let other diners know of this experience. If you want to go to the West Beach to ogle scantily clad servers and don't care what your food is like, then you would probably enjoy this restaurant. If you are wanting to have a nice dinner with your friends (especially female), then you might want to go across the street.

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East is East3243 W. Broadway, Vancouver
East is East
Submitted Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - 1:06pm [Dine in]

Kind of a disappointing experience. This was my second visit to this restaurant. The first visit I was disappointed that the portions were so small and the meal was served lukewarm to cold. I loved the atmosphere. Just thought it was a bad night but a group of us went again last week and had the same experience. We made reservations (online) as we were coming to Vancouver from out of town. We saw on the website that there was a free drumming class on the night we had reserved. Sweet...Got to the restaurant and the server didn't have our reservation, and had no knowledge of the drumming session and the part of the restaurant (The Chai Room) that we had reserved to eat in was actually closed and being renovated. After we had our meal (again disappointing....very small portions and served up cold/lukewarm. Rice was too dry to chew and the Alu Gobi was inedible - burnt and looked like it had been scraped from the bottom of the pot.), we were standing outside and heard the drumming from the restaurant upstairs. I asked some patrons on the street and they knew about the drum class. Too bad the serving staff didn't. Regarding the small portions - too bad the serving staff didn't let us know about the "more food" option - apparently you can ask for more of your entree. I learned of this when I read about the restaurant on this page. Personally I think $17 for a meal that is little more than finger food or pickings is too expensive. Drinks were expensive as well considering their size. $7 for a relatively small mug of chai tea. With tip it was close to a $30 meal. Not worth it. Sorry....I doubt I'll be back.

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