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shellyanne888Regina, SKSince October 24, 20131 Review
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Chimney Restaurant, The2710 Montague Street, Regina
Worst dining experience ever
Submitted Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 8:21am [Dine in]

We recently booked the private room for a party of 20+ to celebrate my mother-in-laws' 89th birthday. We called in advance so this gave the restaurant plenty of time to prepare for our event. Or so we thought...
When I arrived there were already a few guests seated, none of them had any drinks. I had asked if anyone had been there to offer them some and they said - no. So I sought out our waitress and asked her to see if they wanted something.

Once our guests arrived you could tell before orders were even taken that she was not going to be able to handle our drinks and coffee's alone. I believe that our waitress was doing the best she could, I think she was new, and I think its awful that management would expect someone new to look after a 20+ person dinner party all alone in the first place. Several of the guests wanted drinks and wine, and they never were asked or looked after for this. All of a sudden a round of garlic toasts came out - and no one even had soup or salads yet?

As for the meals, I think that for $24.99 per plate average they should have been comparable to Golf's or the Keg. NO WHERE NEAR CLOSE. First our soups were lukewarm at best. Two of the guests soup was missed all together. Again I had to find the waitress to let her know this. Some of the salads were not eaten as the lettuce was terribly wilted.

The main course. Everyone's was cold. Our baked potatoes were so cold that the butter didnt even melt. The waitress also didnt have someone to assist her with the baked potato tray, so I got up and helped to ensure the guests were able to dress their potato before it was too cold. Oh wait --- too bad it already was. Several of the guests did not eat their entire meals...

The service was average and I dont attribute that to the lady looking after us, I attribute that to the poor management that didnt provide adequate help to serve the party.

The food was below average. One of the guests who had ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu, said to another guest that he needed a doggie bag so that when he left he could give his meal to the first dog he saw! I mean really... this is coming from someone who is 70 years old??

The next day I called the owner to let them know of this experience. Long story short, he apologized and said he would provide some gift certificates for me to give to the guests which I thought - well maybe people would give them a second try? Maybe it was just an off night?

Then the very next day I got a voicemail from the owner. I called back and he informed me that he spoke with his business partner and that they changed their minds. They didnt want to provide me with gift certificates for the guests who had voiced issues with their meals/service. He asked that instead I give him the name and phone numbers of all our guests so he could call them directly. At first I thought ok... but then I thought... I am not comfortable giving them the names and numbers of our senior guests - they didnt feel comfortable speaking up that night so as to not ruin the party, and I am sure that they wont be comfortable being confronted by the owners.

Instead I emailed the owner the names of the guests so he could put them ON the gift certificates should he still provide them, so that he knew that I was not attempting to use them all. NO reply. So once again a let down.

Several of our guests have already said they definitely wont be going back to the Chimney in the future. I know I DEFINITELY WONT BE GOING BACK. If you want to have a nice dining experience with your private group - save your money and GO ELSEWHERE. This place will be a huge disappointment.

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