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Sophie's Cosmic Cafe2095 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver
Submitted Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 1:26am [Dine in]

Someone recommended Sophie's to me for brunch so I checked it out with my beau. There was a lineup down the sidewalk (mind you, it was a Sunday so it's probably not the best day to go if you don't want to wait). They have no concept of customer service (i.e. saying, "Hello" or smiling at customers and they avoided making eye contact throughout our stay which made us feel like they just wanted to get rid of us (again, I remind myself not to go on a Sunday next time). The server literally "dumped" our plates on our table. The coffee was good...sausages, not so good...hashbrowns were okaaay. I have to say I absolutely love the retro diner atmosphere and I wanted to give them another try so we went back 2 more times (not Sundays) .... no improvement in the service, I'm afraid. Three strikes and you're out. The interesting thing that happened on the 2nd visit was Sophie had a friend ask a trivia question and whoever got it right would get a free dessert. The question was: What is the largest organ in the human body? I was the first to respond with, "your Skin" and he said I was wrong and awarded the prize to someone who answered, "your Liver". Well, all I have to say is look it up on the internet cause I was jipped. Note, my ratings were still objective - I really DID want to like this place cause it's unique atmosphere has a lot of fun potential but until they upgrade the food and service I won't go back.

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  • Ambiance
Nice Cafe154 East 8th Ave, Vancouver
Great place for breakfast or lunch
Submitted Thursday, March 8, 2007 - 12:58am [Dine in]

This place has the best hashbrowns in town! I'm a regular there and I usually get my food promptly. The service is consistent and friendly. I was told that a lot of the food is homemade (eg. fish n' chips, hashbrowns, soups - omigod, I love their cream of mushroom soup). A new owner took over recently and since then I've noticed a few upgrades to the food, decor and service. Once in a while I try a new place for brunch but I always end up back at Nice Cafe. Really, for the pocketfriendly prices you can't get much better.

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