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scutieCoquitlamSince May 31, 20092 Reviews
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4 (3.9)
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Capstone Tea & Fondue1429 Robson Street, Vancouver
Wow - so much has changed?
Submitted Friday, May 17, 2013 - 7:54pm [Dine in]

Wow - did Capstone go under new management? The mean Asian lady was no longer there. We walked in today with fantastic service! Was so blown away. I only go there because of the Groupon deal, but now I'm thinking I would go back more often. I hope it is under new management as I loved what I saw today. We had two main servers helping us today and both of them were amazingly nice.
I have been on mediocre terms with this place before, but this time REALLY blew me away. If this service keeps up, I definitely recommend everyone to go!

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Queen's Cafe6091 No. 3 Road, Richmond
Horrible Service
Submitted Sunday, May 31, 2009 - 12:34am [Dine in]

--Service was so bad that I had to make an account to write a review--

We had made reservations to this restaurant a week before, and showed up on time. However, there were several parties in session and I was told to wait. I had to ask how long I would have to wait, only to find out that our table was already ready. I was brought to our table, to find that one table was higher then the other. I tried to pull out my chair, but it was stuck. I realized after a few nudges that the smaller table was some crappy table with high legs, and really had to lift up the chair in order to get it out. Someone at the table actually scraped their leg because it was so hard to get the chair out.

We were seated in the corner, and sat for 20 minutes until we were finally approached. I stated that we still had not been served water as we have been seated for 20 minutes, and her excuse was that they were very busy. If they had a few parties and know they would busy, why else would they still accept reservations?

We proceeded to order. Food came pretty fast. Was salty for the most part. The four of us had the four course menu, and after each dish, came the next at a steady pace. We finished our main course and was waiting for our dessert. The tables next to us had arrived then. They also ordered dessert, some the same thing we had ordered.

I overheard that their tea/coffee cups were not washed properly as they still had lipstick mark on them. I also noticed, a gentleman had to find and carry his own chair to his table.

We waited another 20 minutes, only to see that the waitress was serving the other table their dessert. We waved the waitress over and asked why they were served first. She said she would double check. She came back out with more dessert, only to serve it to other tables again! I asked her yet again, and she said the kitchen screwed up.

Waited another 5 minutes to be served our dessert.

In my opinion, their service definately did not deserve tips (we did give 10% though). The waiters/waitress' were nice in some way, but I think they were too stressed as there were too many tables to serve. Either they should start hiring more people, or don't take as much reservations.

Overall, food was generally salty. Throughout the whole time, music was SUPER loud. People were trying to talk over the music, and then people playing/singing were trying to be louder then them, and so forth. Got to the point at the end that everyone had a headache.
Complained several times about the wait, and was only served water twice. Had to ask several times as well.

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