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scotts7777VictoriaSince June 12, 20105 Reviews
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3.5 (3.5)
  • Food3.5 (3.4)
  • Service3 (3.2)
  • Value3.5 (3.6)
  • Ambiance4 (3.8)


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Hernande'z735 Yates Street, #130, Victoria
Great food in an odd location
Submitted Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 12:49am [Dine in]

The food at Hernadez is very tasty, there is no disputing this. They apparently use magical beef from cows that have been massaged by celebrities like Angelina Jolie their entire lives. All kidding aside, the hormone free beef is delicious, and ditto for their homemade taco and burrito tortillas. Everything here is home-made, the rice, beans, meat and torillas, and it's all very delicious and perfectly seasoned. If you're not a fan of fresh cilantro, they tend to put a lot of it on so beware. For me this is not a problem!

I liken the service here to the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld. They know their food is exceptional, and everyone who comes here knows to get your ass in that line by 11:30am or you'll be waiting. The extremely limited seating and indifferent staff give the restaurant an air of exclusivity - like you're lucky to be eating here. I for one don't mind this - not every restaurant has to kiss my ass to get my business. And nobody here is rude, they just make incredible food and are therefore above you.

The value is excellent - You get a decent amount of food with most items, but some of the cheaper menu items (5 tacos for $5) you might want to order two of if you're hungry. This actually works out really well since you get to try more than one thing. The fact that they offer such inexpensive menu items is amazing considering their downtown location and what their rent must be. I've had higher bills going through the drive though at A&W than here.

The ambiance is a bit weird. They have cool Mexican tables with authentic rickity style chairs, but they are in the hallway of a mini-mall on Yates St between a magazine stand and a hair salon. It's like the world exploded and chunks of Mexico rained down in the Food Courts of North America. Anyways, the little Mexican tokens that you hold on to until they deliver your food (El Mundo, La Cucharoacha etc) are a lot of fun, and overall this restaurant is a great experience!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Siam Thai Restaurant512 Fort St, Victoria
Hands down best Thai food in town
Submitted Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - 12:30am [Dine in]

I've been going to Siam for the past 7 years or so, and have to say that this is the best Thai food I've ever had. I've eaten at Thai places in Vancouver, Seattle and many others in Victoria, and every time I try another Thai restaurant there is no comparison. The place out in Sidney is quite good (Sabhai Thai) I would call it my second choice, but Siam is #1.

The food at Siam is mouthwateringly delicious. They use flat thick delicious noodles for their Phad Thai and the flavour and consistency of the sauce is perfect. They have absolutely nailed the flavour for their Phad Thai dish, it just melts in your mouth. The food is always hot and fresh, served on clean hot plates. Another favorite is the Siam Curry and again they have perfected the recipe, with the perfect amount of Bamboo shoots, peppers and perfect consistency of the curry soup. One of my favorite things is the spice-rack, available on request for free - which has 4 spicy condiments you can add to your dish (not sure what they are). You also request the spiciness of your food when you order (mild, medium or hot), but the spice rack allows you to fine tune. We always order a white rice with the Siam Curry. Although I've only tried one of the desert items, the Deep-Fried Banana (not sure what the actual menu item name is) I cannot describe how sweet and delicious this is - served with vanilla ice cream. We rarely order drinks but the Thai Ice Tea is good too.

The service at Siam is always excellent, without exception. They never let your water get empty before someone rushes over to top you off. Everyone is really friendly and polite.

The value is very good - An order of 2 dishes with rice (Phad Thai, Siam Curry and medium white rice) after all taxes and including 15% tip it works out to around $34. This will leave two people stuffed, possibly with a leftover for midnight snack. For the quality of food, this is a bargain.

The ambiance is just right. I love the brick walls and cool ceiling woodwork. They transformed a piece of Victoria history into an authentic Thai haven. They dim the lights slightly in the evening and keep the atmosphere very relaxed and calm. The restaurant always smells so damn good. My one complaint would be when you get stuck sitting next to the front entrance in the Winter months it can get cold with people constantly coming and going. This is about the only thing I could ever possibly come up with as a negative about Siam. I can't recommend this place enough, it is my favorite restaurant, hands down.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
SeaGrille Seafood & Sushi849 Verdier Ave, Victoria
Used to be good
Submitted Saturday, June 12, 2010 - 12:18pm [Dine in]

I've lived near Brentwood Bay for the past 3 years, and have watched this restaurant steadily decline in that time. They changed chefs about a year and a half ago and he has slowly taken all the good things off the menu or changed them. They used to have a delicious white wine mussel dish, which they replaced with a gross creamy and very heavy mussel dish. There is no comparison. One of the other best things on the menu was their "Fish Taco" - something that doesn't sound great, but was supremely delicious - it used to be a Deep-Fried halibut (a la fish n chips) wrapped in a flour tortilla like a Taco with lettuce and tomato. The new chef eliminated what made it great - the Fish n Chips part - now it's a slimy gross Halibut mushed into a soggy Tortilla. Several of the Sushi dishes like California rolls have been removed from the menu. They had one called a Dynamite roll which my friend used to always gets, and it's gone.

Their old menu was fairly small, but almost everything on it was good. Since the new chef, they have more than doubled the choices, and most everything has gone downhill. All the food I've ordered or seen ordered is more greasy and sloppy. The one new addition that was pretty good - the Oyster burger - only lasted 6 months or so, then was removed from the menu.

Why can't the chef leave well enough alone? I know I have personally left comment cards raving about my old favorites, so why are you getting rid of them?

The service is always good - nothing special, but never had any problems.

The food is expensive here, most items are closer to $20. I believe the fish n chips is $18 and even the wings are around $14 last I checked. I never used to mind paying a little extra to eat here because the food was so good, but with their new crappy menu, I'd rather take my business elsewhere.

One thing the chef can't ruin is the incredible ocean views and beautiful construction of the lodge. Huge wooden beams and open vaulted ceiling with 180 degree ocean views out of the wall of windows. This is a great place to take a date or go out with friends thanks to the ambiance. Just bring your own food.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Lakes Grillhouse n' Bar, The4670 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria
A hidden gem
Submitted Saturday, June 12, 2010 - 12:04pm [Dine in]

You wouldn't expect a restaurant attached to a Howard Johnson hotel (the Hojo!) to be any good. But I have to say, this restaurant is without a doubt a hidden gem!

The food here is very delicious. I almost always get the Eggs Benny which is the best I've eaten anywhere. (I always try the Benny whereever I go) The chef makes their own homemade hollandaise sauce and it is the most delicious sauce in the world! They have 4 or 5 different varieties of Benny - one has Avocado, one has Smoked Salmon etc. I've only tried the classic Benny myself but have been with people who rave about the other ones. The pan fries that come with your meal are also delicious, and you can even ask for extra hollandaise to dip. The Skillets are also to die for - There are about 4 or 5 skillets, each named after a local Lake. The Durrance skillet (after Durrance Lake) is meaty and delicious with Bacon, cheese and Spinach. The food is always hot and fresh and you can tell the chefs are on top of their game.

The service is always very friendly - The girls who work here are always smiling and relaxed. They check on you regularly for coffee and get you anything you need fast. For a restaurant of a decent size, you still get the attention you need.

The value is great - About $11-12 for a Benny. Worth every penny.

The ambiance is very nice - it has the feel of a new restaurant - they just recently replaced all their plateware and cups - so somebody out there is keeping this place fresh and new - kudos to the management and staff here - everybody loves the Hojo!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Little Thai Place1839 Cook Street, Victoria
It sounded good
Submitted Saturday, June 12, 2010 - 11:52am [Dine in]

I should mention first that our experience was at the new Royal Oak location of Little Thai Place, not downtown. Apparently this chain (there are 4 now) is expanding rapidly and they have their sights set on the lucrative grocery store frozen food market in the future.

I was expecting the food to be fast and good like the Noodle Box downtown. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were ignored for about 10 minutes after being seated. I finally had to go ask if we were supposed to place our order at the front counter or if we have a server. When our server did finally come, she was very friendly and helpful. I would have rated her service a 5/5.

What happened next is my reason for giving the service a 1/5. The other server (not our server) walked by our table and happened to notice the picture of my 1 year old daughter on my cell phone home screen. Without asking or saying anything, she grabbed my phone off the table and held it up saying "Awwwwwwwwww cute". Now I've had many people comment on the picture, but never had someone grab my phone without asking. To me this seems rude. Then she proceeded to go on and on about her own 3 kids and how just today she had trained one of them to wipe it's own ass for the first time. I should also mention, this was after we had started eating. The entire time she was talking I looked away out the window and said nothing hoping that she would take the hint and go away. She didn't. Eventually she had no choice but to leave to attend to her own tables, but by this time she had already ruined the entire dining experience. I really just wanted to sit and catch up with my wife, not listen to some strangers' potty stories.

The food was also nothing to write home about - we had the Pad Thai with Chicken (#43) which was mediocre at best. It seemed like something you would get at a grocery store deli or in a frozen food package, not something from a little Thai place. We also had some Rice and beef dish (#31) which was just nasty. We eat at Siam (a Thai restaurant downtown on Fort St) regularly and maybe we have been spoiled by their top notch food, but this was just horrendous.

Finally, to end our dining experience I went to pay with my credit card. The server took my card to the till, only to return moments later with my card explaining that it has a "chip" so I have to come put in my PIN. She said just to come on up anytime I was ready. When I came to pay, the server had not yet brought my card to the till, so I couldn't pay. Then I sat back down, and she dropped the damn card back off at our table, which meant I had to get up and go to the front till again to pay. The whole experience was just a huge cluster f***. There is no way I would return.

Our bill came to just over $25 for two dishes. This isn't too expensive, but certainly isn't a bargain considering the poor quality of the food.

Never in my life have I not left a tip at a restaurant, because I have friends who are servers and understand that servers have to tip out the kitchen and can actually LOSE money if no tip is left. But in this case I left nothing. I was actually trying to decide if it would be more insulting to leave 1 cent or just nothing.

In any case, avoid this place like the plague. Maybe the other locations are better - I've heard Langford is decent - but I learned my lesson.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance