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SchmoozanVancouverSince January 28, 20092 Reviews
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1.5 (1.4)
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Tony's Beef Noodle5710 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Where's Tony?
Submitted Saturday, October 2, 2010 - 5:59pm [Dine in]

I remember reading good reviews about this place so I decided to take my parents there on our weekly lunch excursions. We arrived to an almost empty restaurant (my usual reaction would be to go elsewhere) but my dad (probably responding to hunger pangs) suggested we just try it since we were there at the door already. We ordered the 'signature' beef noodles, XLB (xiao long bao - steamed pork dumplings), Taiwanese fried noodles, and deep fried porkribs. We were advised that the XLB will take 15 minutes. We got excited thinking that they must make the dumplings fresh if it takes that long - until I saw the waitress in the back reaching into the freezer to retrieve the frozen dumplings - STRIKE 1.

The first dish to arrive was the Taiwanese fried noodles. Hmm...how should I describe the dish? Like pig slop. No exaggeration...The noodles were tossed with some sauce and the veggies and meat were laid on top. No frying here, that's for sure! I wish I had taken a picture of the dish. It was the saddest dish of food I've seen ever served at a restaurant. And there was barely enough on the little side plate it came on to feed my 2 year old nephew! - STRIKE 2.

Then came the deep fried porkribs. It was one half-fried pork chop (the other half was soggy) cut up with scissors into bite size pieces. - STRIKE 3.

The beef noodles came next. They're signature - you can't screw this up! And they didn't...but how they can call the beef noodles their signature is the first question to be answered. Noodles faintly tasted of dish detergent (?), beef was, well, it was beef, soup was, well, soup.

Finally, the XLB arrived with a VERY conservative dish of black vinegar (I won't even mention the missing ginger slivers - oh, I just did). When I asked the waitress for some more vinegar, she returned with a bottle containing a clear liquid. I pointed to the black vinegar on our table and explained that I wanted BLACK vinegar, not white. And she matter-of-factly told us that they 'make' their own black vinegar with the white vinegar. HUH? My parents are from Hong Kong and though I was born in YVR, I am very well-versed in Asian cuisine, and none of us have ever heard such nonsense before. Why (and how) would anyone 'mix' their own black vinegar when you can just buy a bottle of the stuff from any Chinese grocery? Absurd! - YOU'RE OUT!!!

My parents have rated this restaurant "The worse food I've had in Vancouver in the almost 40 years we've been here"... How many stars is that?

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Cassis420 W Pender, Vancouver
Didn't Stay Past the Salad
Submitted Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 12:35pm [Dine in]

We were seated on time for our 7pm dine-out reservation; asked for our drink orders 3 times within 10 minutes of being seated; and was asked to order our food when we ordered our wine so that we wouldn't be 'rushed' through our entrees. It was a full house but there was no line up at the time.

We finished our bread and our plate of antipasto was taken away without asking if we were finished or not (we were not). Our salads promptly came - which we finished off - in case they were prematurely taken away. And then...here's the punchline...we waited more than half an hour for our entrees which didn't arrive. Our server was no where to be seen, so we asked another server who was apologetic and offered to look into our order. We waited another 10 minutes for someone to tell us that our food was on its way. Our server was not apologetic for the delay and had quite a nonchalant attitude through the whole situation. We ended up paying for our bottle of wine and left.

Considering that their dine-out menu only consisted of 3 options per course, I’d hate to see how long the wait is when they service a full menu.

Needless to say, I cannot provide a review of the food, but the service leaves too much to be desired.

Would I return to try their food? Probably not – which is a shame considering the reviews the restaurant gets in this aspect.

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