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SaboUnknownSince November 19, 20072 Reviews
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2.5 (2.5)
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Sabo8291 Alexandra Rd., #105, Richmond
Sabo.. restaurant
Submitted Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 2:00pm [Dine in]

Well hello =), i ve read through all of the comments and as an employee there.... the only one that speaks "Fluent" English i think its my job to clear some popular misconceptions...

First to mmmsteak, as much as i'd love for us to always be busy, have you ever tried the weekdays? omg.. i am dieing of boredom =) unless your a student, i suggest coming by during these 5 glory days, no wait no need to reserve... as for your friend i suggest cooking thoroughly because the nature of raw seafood in the pot requires it to be 100% cooked

:To hungry hippo, O please no accusations of racism, some of our best customers are Caucasian, we the employees designed the English menu for you guys, ---Yes The Employees --- when we take your order from that menu we have to translate ALL the English into Chinese for the kitchen on a tiny piece of paper, trust me, slow and not fun ( your feeling what Asians feel in a Caucasian place but there is really nothing to it mate), the orders are placed in order by the kitchen staff who do not know who you are, all we do is deliver. but if you feel your order is missing, by all means you MUST ask about it, to Any waiter... its a Chinese and busy all you can eat restaurant during the weekends.. dont worry its not rude just a different culture

As to GabrielEscobar  sorry you had to wait, maybe you should try the weekdays if your a student, but believe me if it was that busy, there's no such thing as a reservation.. well u still get priority but you did not lose against some cute girl... Of course if it was up to 90% of the employees you would, that's why 90% of the employees aren't in charge of seating =) what we generally do is just make a biggg long list and check if of "In Order" ( and it doesn't matter if the table is large or small, if your a group of four waiting and your first then you'll get a table sized for 6) I cant really tell you what happened in your situation, but it should not happen.... the girl probably was there before you and went out for a smoke maybe

Side Note: Dont worry our kitchen is cleaner then you think, We have a health officer checking us every now and then .. he'll pop up and say surprise!!!! the restaurant is more then 10 years old, this babies been through alot and it looks accordingly.... btw the kitchen cooks the staff dinner.... we have people asking if we sell that food ;) it looks that good =)

Generally speaking i wont say our service is excellent but its really not as bad as you might think. I mean we are all Olympic athletes.. well... not really but close... haha i am sure all of you have seen us take out 30-40 plates of beef and 20 pounds of food on rock solid plates.... not an easy job.. then the other of the few employees we have are cleaning the tables so that the people waiting wont have to wait EVEN longer then you..

I am just saying we try our best, we have mini meetings to see how we can improve service and when a customer leaves without giving tips we ask ourselves what happened and how can we do better...

For better service i would suggest NOT asking the person delivering your meal for service, that guy is 100% half dead from serving 10 pounds of food after every return and being hammered with declarations for service already.

Well thanks for your time !!!... if you still don't believe me i am the shortest guy working there =) you can get a hold of me and ask me stuff =)

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Chubby Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant8391 Alexandra Road, #2160, Richmond
Submitted Monday, November 19, 2007 - 4:30am [Dine in]

Well, ive only been there a few times, but from individual friends and my own personal experience, i wont be going back for a long time. The service was horrible, the place was crowded and stuffy. Food. was really only average.

the waiters there were really snobby and i guess they didn't want my business as they were rude and obnoxious when i asked for seats.

then again, i really prefer a more spacious restaurant. besides, there are so many hotpot places in Richmond now i really don't feel the need to squeeze into this one.

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