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s_and_jWest EndSince August 18, 20082 Reviews
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Kingyo871 Denman Street, Vancouver
A great night out
Submitted Monday, August 18, 2008 - 3:54pm [Dine in]

We've been looking forward to dining here, and knew that it wasn't the least expensive option, so saved it for a Friday night with another couple.

No reservations so when we walked in, they took our name and our cell number, said it would be 45 mintues so we went down the street for a drink first. Sure enough, they called 10 minutes early, no rush though, our table would be ready right in time and they were thoughtful enough to give us time to finish our cocktail first. Very kind!

The service was outstanding for sure. we really enjoyed it. We each picked a couple of dishes and again, true to good service and kitchen timing (we were drinking our share of sake so they knew we were in no rush), dishes came out 2 at a time so the table was never overloaded with food and each dish was fresh (hot or cold). The ahi tuna was awesome, so red and fresh. The favorite of the group was the beef tongue, a new one for me, and cooking it on the hot rock was fun.

Everything was good, paying a bit more for the ambience and the wonderful attentive service was so worth it to me. There may be better places overall (from what I read) and I look forward to comparing. But since I haven't been to that "other place" I will say I found it to be a great night out. 3 orders of sake (in those cute hand made clay ewers), 8 beer and 8 dishes later, the bill was $140 before tip - not to bad IMHO.

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Cinch Cafe1517 Robson Street, Vancouver
This is not Thin Crust Pizza
Submitted Monday, August 18, 2008 - 3:33pm [Dine in]

We read other reviews of this place and are big fans of the food called Pizza. So, hearing there was great thin crust pizza, we figured we would give it a try for lunch.

Arriving, the place was pretty full and busy, which is always nice to see. We noticed everyone having paninis - and if I do go back I will certainly try them - they all looked great! But only 1 person had a pizza box on their table, so we couldn't see a pizza beforehand.

It is not thin crust, for sure. Thicker dough and pre-cooked to boot (topping and sauce added to pre-baked dough). My husband has been in the industry for years and knew it immediately. The pizza also came too quickly so that indicated it was pre made in some fashion. The cheese is of a lesser quality, no double pressed mozzerella here, and lots of it, which is great if you dig that, and the sauce was not fresh and zesty as it should be with Italian thin crust, but more like tomato paste with some seasoning.

Service was okay (never came by to ask if all was well, and some hot sauce could have been used) By the time we had finished the place was nearly empty it still took us a long time to get our bill as the server was busy chatting and just not around. I think it's a psychological thing; when places are busy things move (both in the kitchen and the front of the house) but when it's not, it's like break time has begun.

I would go back and try a panini or perhaps their chicken breast with salad as it did look great, but if you are a thin crust pizza fan like myself, it's not what it claims to be.

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