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Rtahourivancouver Since November 27, 20122 Reviews
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3 (3)
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Toyama757 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Not returning again
Submitted Monday, July 29, 2013 - 3:01pm [Dine in]

Save your time on somewhere else, because this place has become offensive when it comes to service. It is evident management has not motivated and engaged the staff for a while and as a result the servers no longer care about their jobs with respect to customer service, they're just there for the money and clearly the attitude shows. This clearly an AYCE restaurant so I'm not so keen on finding excellent service but rather i expect the minimal. I had ordered an all you can eat for lunch, got my first round and finished. For the next half hour i was looking at my server for approximately 20-30 with multiple situations of eye contact, and still was not asked if i wanted anything else nor was I checked on to see if the food was good. Finally my server came and filled my glass with water and then walked away. After that I pretty much had enough and went up to ask for the manager but he was not in so i delivered my complaint and stated I'm satisfied with the food and not with service and i asked the server did she not see me looking at her and she replied that she did acknowledge that i looked at her several time she was curious as to why. How unfortunate she wasnt curious to know why. I told the other server that i refuse to pay and had gotten defensive about the statement and rationalized that i did eat the food and repeatedly asked why don't i pay. I responded that if i had just left that they probably wouldnt have noticed and they agreed. I don't think its ever good when someone admits that they are unaware of their surroundings. Clearly they is not the first time someone tried to bail out on their service, and they are too focus on their short term gain and not their long term. I give this place 3 more years until their lack of desire of working and attitude finally catches up with them and the place goes under

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Shuraku833 Granville Street, Vancouver
Great gastronomical experience
Submitted Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 1:39am [Dine in]

I had just finished my shift at work and I was craving some Japanese food, I frequently have these craving so usually I go to a cheap and loaded sushi shop. However most places were closed after 10pm at night and I stumbled upon this very clean and classy Japanese restaurant. I was approched by the waiter who has excellent salesmenship skills beyond most, so beware of the man who will empty your pocket. I went for a three course dinner and was started off with raw oysters. Absolutely superb and quiet refreshing, a great way to start your palette. Second course I went for a salmon tartar. It was very good. Most western cuisines would serve their tartar with crostinis for the crunch element, however this place used battered and deepfried squares of seaweed sheet, which I thought created a better crunch element to the tartar as opposed to the traditional crostinis. Third course was quite intriguing to my taste buds. I cannot recall the name of the dish but it was a sushi with cream cheese in the center of the roll and the top was salmon. The sushi chef brought out his torch and brûlée the salmon which created this very interesting sort of smokey but not quite flavour. Over all was great, service could pay more attention to details. After I finished my second course going on to my third the waiter should have cleared my table before I received my third course considering it was 30min before close and I was the only customer there at the time should have been quite simple to spot. I had even look toward the waiter at times and he was watchIng over me but had failed to clear my table seemed very silly and almost too amateur. And also had ordered a beer which the glass had a tiny chip on it, though that was understandable because it was too tiny to notice, I didnt even notice until I finished the beer. Despite the minor descrepencies the service did not even displease me. I will definitely return and i would also recommend this place for those who seek gastronomical wonders, especially for the price they charge

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance