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royrockVancouver (West End)Since March 27, 201013 Reviews
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3.5 (3.7)
  • Food4 (3.9)
  • Service3.5 (3.5)
  • Value4 (4)
  • Ambiance3.5 (3.4)


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Thirsty Duck, The606 12th Street, New Westminster
Local favorite with extra friendly staff
Submitted Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 10:15pm [Dine in]

When there's nothing to do in the neighborhood, my friends and I go to the Thirsty Duck. Every visit, the staff and servers have been extremely friendly and engaging, and they always have great recommendations. They have drink specials every day, including 3 Old Mills/Cariboo for $9.95, although the drinks at regular price are reasonable anyway. It's my favorite place to hang out with friends, grab a pint, gossip, and play darts or pool. If you're hungry, they have the regular pub food like poutine, wings, onion rings, pasta, burgers, pizzas, and other stuff for less then $10, and I haven't been disappointed yet!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Big Six Restaurant7660 6th St., Burnaby
Extra cheap, but for extra poor service
Submitted Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 9:49pm [Dine in]

I've come here a total of three times. I'm a fan of locating the nearest greasy spoon especially after a really awesome Saturday night, and I was told that this was the one so I decided to give it a try. On my first visit the booths were filled up and I of course first noticed the decoration, aka Christmas things and duct tape holding together the booth seats which is always expected. The selection on the menu is abundant, although there's a lot of sneaky charging like $0.85 for mayonnaise or $0.35 to substitute french fries for hash browns etc. I chose the Eggs Benny and asked for whole wheat toast instead of English Muffin. The food took approximately 45 minutes to come out, and this was for 3 people. First, they gave my boyfriend a Corona, so he told them he wanted Root Beer not beer, he then had to open the menu to show them what he meant before actually physically having to point out the Root Beer in the fridge because they still weren't getting it. The Eggs Benny still had english muffins, so I just forgot about it and ate it anyway. The food wasn't too bad, the quality is what you pay for ($5.99), the hollandaise is definitely from the packet, and the hasbrowns weren't actually completely cooked in some bites.
On my second the third visit, I was served by a younger girl. Her poor English impeded us from being able to make what we wanted clear to her, like sausage instead of ham, whole wheat instead of white, milkshakes, and other things that are on the menu. I understand she is honestly trying but the barrier in languages is frustrating, especially when it came to the bill and we wanted it split between couples, and instead they put mismatched things together and didn't understand what we wanted changed. All this place needs is better service and I'd be going there more often.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Dragon Ball Tea House1007 W King Edward, Vancouver
Value-priced Bubble Tea
Submitted Friday, October 7, 2011 - 7:12pm [Dine in]

Since recently moving into the neighborhood, I had a feeling Dragon Ball would become my go-to bubble tea house.
The place could really use some renovations... but I mean, it's a small bubble tea joint run by two older ladies so I wouldn't direct all my focus towards the aesthetic aspects.
They have a large menu of different bubble teas, ranging from fresh fruit, milkshake, powder, and all of them have the option of customization with milk, slush, and of course pearls/jelly. The cheapest bubble tea is $3.00, and then an additional $0.50 for pearls. They don't seem to charge tax, so you are saving a good amount compared to buying from Bubble World (they charge $4.20 for basic bbt with pearls). In quality and taste, you are getting what you paid for, but it still measures up and shines through compared to some Chinese fast-food joints that try and experiment with selling bubble tea on the side.
I reccomend going either before 3 PM to beat the high-school rush, or go after 5 PM on a weekday. It's not very fun waiting with a sea of people in that small store.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
YEW Restaurant + Bar791 West Georgia, Vancouver
Best Brunch I've ever had
Submitted Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 4:13am [Dine in]

I've been to my fair share of restaurants that go above and beyond to harness the art of dining, but this one honestly blew all the rest out of the water on a number of different levels. But of course, I'm difficult; I'm not going to give away 5 stars THAT easily.
Getting a brunch reservation for this place took 2 weeks, but I wouldn't have been so upset if I had known what was to come.
Once we arrived, boyfriend and I, of course you had to first take a second to take in the beautiful way they dressed the place up. It captured, in my opinion, the delicate beauty that is British Columbia. There were elements of the earth somehow perfectly paired with the modern mood that was set for the restaurant, and I've never been so impressed in the ambiance of a dining experience before. As well, from what I could see, it was completely immaculate. You expect it, but you appreciate it more once you see it.
It was quite busy as it was Father's day, but never were we neglected by our server. She was always there to fill our glasses whenever they needed to be topped off, or whenever we were finished our plates. She was very cordial, even when my boyfriend had no idea you could get a burger patty at different degrees.
The brunch menu (at $27) included a starter dish, a main dish, and three different types of dessert. Although I was tempted by the seafood menu from the starter menu, I opted for the Dark Chocolate & Orange Flower Cream waffles. From the main menu, I decided on the Fish & Chips, and then "the lollipop", "chocolate", and "strawberries" from their dessert selections.
As we waited, we had the opportunity to try sugared mini donuts with mango puree as an hors d'Ĺ“uvre. It wasn't anything particularly special, but it was more or less the Louis Vuitton of carnival food which I found amusing.
Soon enough, our starters arrived. Quartered waffles served with dollops of chocolate mousse, and with syrup on the side. The waffles themselves were nothing to scream and shout over, but the chocolate really brought things together. The syrup sunk deep into the waffles kind of waking it from it's bland coma. My boyfriend seemed only mildly pleased with his pancakes, but I mean some men rarely take time to enjoy these things so let's disregard that.
Once our plates were cleared, our main dishes arrived shortly after. Presented wonderfully, I was served my lager battered halibut and crispy fries, just the way I asked them. There were four pieces of well-sized halibut, all covered in the right amount of batter and fried to a nice crisp finish without being too hard or too soft. The batter pushed the bar a little higher than your everyday beach-side vendor, and the fish was obviously picked out with more time as it was evidently fresh enough to suck in all the flavor. The fries accompanying the halibut tasted pretty good. They had the crispiness right, but I actually still prefer Red Robins over it, but having the skin still on the fries was welcoming difference. Not to forget, their tartar sauce had something unique about it: extra yum without the refined taste of salt and preserves.
After all the past misconceptions of high-class dining being two piece of asparagus being passed off as a meal, I was starting to become pleasantly surprised that I was feeling full.
When we dusted off the last of our main dish, the dessert arrived on a platter featuring the three selections I had made. The lollipop was more or less a cake-pop. Inside was a matcha filling encased in a white chocolate shell. They were cute but not my favorite. Next to that was the chocolate bar, which was chocolate mousse layered on top of a crunchy hazelnut base. It was very rich and a little bit overpowering on the chocolate, but I still loved the taste. And last, but not least, there was the "strawberries" which was a shot-glass with a strawberry puree layer underneath white chocolate ganache with coconut meringues. I'm a sucker for these so of course I loved the velvet texture of ganache and the sweet fruity strawberry, by far my favorite out of the three and my highlight of the meal.

If by chance I lived in another dimension where I was rich and lived in excess, I would dine here more often than not. It was extremely worth my time and I think the Yew is a wonderful experience for anyone trying to have a taste of the higher end of Vancouver.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Buffet at River Rock, The8811 River Rd., Richmond
What's everyone going on about...
Submitted Saturday, April 30, 2011 - 2:50pm [Dine in]

I went here last night, which was a Friday, and apparently Friday's they have a seafood feature. It's a little more costly, but it was my one year anniversary so price is out the window. It came to $29.95 plus tax each. Gotta say it would be totally bogus if that WASN'T the price seeing what was awaiting inside.
I was expecting just kind of Uncle Willy's-like food, but probably with better decor, but I was delightfully surprised. Walking in, a really nice lady has you pay and everything is in perfect unison with the rest of River Rock; elegant and clean. Then a hostess seats you which is different to me, and then you have your own server in case you want some alcoholic beverages or just drinks in general (juice, soda, tea, coffee, all included in price).

The table we sat at was a little two seater with neatly placed napkins and cups and tea cups, and instead of just having a fork and knife, they have the salad forks, butter knives, dinner forks, and dinner knives which was a nice touch, and a teaspoon. Ambiance got big points because there was a nice view of the sunset and everything was set up with good taste.
My boyfriend being anxious to eat, we promptly went to the salad bar. Huge selection of different greens: iceberg, spinach, frisee, mesclun, and just medley of things. And then they had dishes of things to put on your greens, like artichoke salads, crab salad, sauteed cold corn, tomatoes, bacon bits, freshly grated paramesean, shrimp, crab legs, and cocktail sauce. Also three different kinds of dressings. At the same bar, they had some rolls and a flat bread. I loaded up on the salad because everything looked so good.
After our amazing salad, we went to the hot bar and everything was fresh and being prepared in the kitchen on the other side of the bar. They had sauteed zucchini, fried squid, rigatoni in a rosy sauce (my favorite out of the whole buffet), some chinese dishes like tofu in oyster sauce, and fried rice, and other pastas, dumplings, chicken, and even crab claws. Going to admit the fries rice and basa in cream sauce were kind of meh... but everything else was rich in flavour and used quality ingredients.
They also had a sushi bar with all the basics and then some, all were being prepared fresh in front of you which was nice.
The dessert bar was the same size as the hot food bar, and wow. So many choices. Cheesecake with raspberry puree, tiramisu, apple pie, lychee jelly, baklava, fondue, cookies, ice cream, and so much more. Everything was fresh and everything was absolutely rich and tasted so awesome. They had little shot glasses with white chocolate mouse and a raspberry layer, and I normally hate white chocolate. Until I had that.

All in all, our plates were picked up promptly, the food was so satisfying, and thanks to River Rock, it made our anniversary even better.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Moxie's Classic Grill3233 St Edwards Dr, Richmond
Never fails
Submitted Friday, February 25, 2011 - 10:06pm [Dine in]

My dad and I do out father-daughter "dates" every few years just to catch up, and we always go here since he's out in Richmond.

It's cozy, dim lit, and very well decorated. Chic and a good place to take someone whether you're talking business, dates, or a family dinner with kids in their early to late teens. The servers are well dressed and cordial when they greet you, and the tables are clean, free of crumbs, and the booths are comfortable. Its a nice little nook for you to connect with your other dinner guests.
The menu offers a vast variety for you, in the form of pastas, burgers, entree salads, and other choices. There's always something for everyone. I've tried tandoori salmon salad and a portabello sandwich on different visits, and I was surprised by how filling the salad was. It came with a steak of salmon, very well seasoned and cooked to perfection. Not dry, and not swimming in juices either. Tandoori is not something I would've thought to season and flavor a salmon, but it really worked here. It was on top of a bed of fresh, non-wilted spinach and other lettuces, all tossed with sunflower seeds and mango, and then a slightly savory dressing that was the right amount of flavor to be a staple for this salad. It was on a large dinner plate so I definitely wasn't hungry after devouring it. So good I forgot to let my dad try it :P
My dad got the x-treme burger, of course, decked out with two patties, bacon, and cheese. Typical men's burger ;) but hey, it's good they offer something for guys with a hearty appetite. The fries the burger came with were pretty good and my dads really picky about the crispiness of his fries and they did them just right for him. We were both really happy about our meals, no complaints, just full stomachs.

In conclusion: happy customers, happy waitresses, and great food for someone who likes a place that raises the bar without raising the prices above the foods value.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Milestone's Grill and Bar1145 Robson Street, Vancouver
Pretty good, until...
Submitted Friday, February 25, 2011 - 8:40pm [Dine in]

This has been a hit with me when it came to dates about a year ago and when I was looking for something a little less casual and more intimate than some other restaurants in the West End, while not wiping out my wallet.
I was happy to see they offered veggie burgers. They have three choices for "toppings" that come with your burger: one that's all cheese, one that's guacamole and bacon, and one that's cheese and bacon. As a vegetarian, I usually I get the guacamole one but sub the bacon for feta. They come with curly fries which adds a little more fun to me rather than the standard thin cut fries/steakfries you get anywhere else.
Every other time other than the last time, everything has gone great. Always a really delicious portobello based patty that has amazing flavor (favorite of all veggie patties), and I've been told several times tastes better than the meat one by friends and family when they try my order. The fries come hot and crispy, then bun and other ingredients always taste fresh, and I'm usually over all satisfied.
The entree sized salads are pretty bomb, too.

Now here's the unfortunate kicker. My last visit, my vegetarian boyfriend ordered the same burger as I and when his arrived first, we noticed his patty looked oddly dark but we assumed it was on the grill a little longer. With hesitance, he tried it but immediately became weary of the taste. It was definitely meat and we quickly called up the server and told them that we ordered vegetarian and she checked what she wrote, and she had written down vegetarian but we pointed out that it was meat and she took the burger back to the kitchen. Afterwards, the manager came and apologized profusely understanding that eating meat for us isn't just a little "oops". We didn't make a huge deal out of it, knowing that in the restaurant industry, it happens, but she pulled the burger from the bill. It was overall handled pretty well.

Otherwise, I would've given service and food 5 stars and I still recommend it.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Uncle Willy's Restaurant6411 Nelson Ave, #100, Burnaby
Worth the price
Submitted Friday, January 28, 2011 - 7:38pm [Dine in]

When I started to come here for the first time in a decade, I found myself getting nostalgic for the times my mom would bring me and my sister in because it only cost $1.25 for us when we were 5. But now I'm back, and am I happy I was curious to come by again.

Yes, most people will complain about the food, but you're paying $15 for an unlimited amount of food and you get to eat whatever you want, not be tied down to one plate of food with no variety than what you picked on the menu.
This restaurant is one of my favorites to come to with my boyfriend and we always find ourselves getting stoked when we're on our way. It's got all the favorites you'd find at a family dinner like mashed potatoes, fried/grilled chicken, ham, perogies, salads, pastas, soups, and then some other stuff throw in like spring rolls, chow mein, seafood a la king, and even more. I'd say there is about 20 different options for hot food, and then a salad bar that is definitely not lacking in anything. Everyday, they switch up what's available, and on Friday's they even have sushi. Mediocre sushi, but sushi none the less. There's also a soft drink machine and another machine for hot coffee and tea too.
I always hit up the pasta whenever they have the vegetarian options, and I always take a portion of the things that look interesting. You can't help but go back again.. and maybe again and again. But I think one of the biggest problems for them is the chicken because I've heard several people complain of feeling sick after eating the fried chicken so maybe it's not Uncle Willy's forte and I kind of recommend maybe not trying it.
The cherry on top has to be the dessert bar that always has different slices of cakes, puddings, jell-o, cream puffs, and strawberry rhubarb crisp all kept in this little self-serve fridge. And then they have the soft serve ice cream machine, something to top your little slice of cake or brownie off with, and then maybe some hot fudge if that's what you like.

Since this is a buffet, yeah there's not much interaction with the staff, but when I've needed service or had a question about something, they're always kind and knowledgeable, and the busboys are very consistent with clearing away plates.

Amazingly satisfying after a big day at Metrotown or when you're just starving for some home-cooking.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Red Robin803 Thurlow Street, Vancouver
My favorite place for burgers, fries, and friendly servers
Submitted Friday, January 28, 2011 - 7:01pm [Dine in]

I've been here well over a dozen times, and it's hard to recall ever receiving bad service.

Cheerful staff without getting cheesey and overboard, and interesting decor throughout the restaurant. They never have a problem re-seating you if you want to move somewhere else, and from the get-go, they're attentive and do the best they can to make you happy.
They're menu has a LOT of choices when it comes to burger. I love spicy, and I also love creativity, so my favorites are the 5 Alarm and Banzai burger. The 5 Alarm consists of pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, Red Robin's own chipotle mayo, and of course lettuce and tomato. It's a good blend of zing without over doing the spicy factor. For Banzai, it's cheddar and these two slices of pineapple, and the works of course. The pineapples are grilled or something, and they taste great, especially with the teriyaki that's on the patty. It's interesting combination, but definitely something worth trying out. Each burger is served with bottomless fries. But this isn't the end of it: they're VERY flexible when it comes to substitutions and whatnot. Personally, I'm vegetarian, so I get the gardenburger, and I'm not a fan of just ketchup and fries, so I sometimes ask for their other dips such as poppyseed honey mustard or campfire mayo which come free.
Most of the time, the bill comes to about $35 for two people when either person get the burger, fries, and drink. All the entrees are reasonably prices and heaped in portion, ranging from $10-$19 I believe. Good place for a fun first date if you're looking for somewhere that's presentable, laid-back, happy, and absolutely delicious.

By the way, great place to humiliate your friends and see them turn beet red on their birthday because if you tell the staff, they do this birthday cheer that's actually hilariously embarrassing for the birthday boy/girl.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Teresa's Cafe1005 Denman Street, Vancouver
Decent all day breakfast
Submitted Friday, January 28, 2011 - 6:45pm [Dine in]

After my less-than-satisfactory experience at Grove Inn, I left and went straight to this place.

Their most popular items are definitely their specials, ranging from pancakes and bacon, to eggs and toast, and everything in between.
I think everytime I've been here I've asked for "B" special, which consists of 2 eggs, hashbrowns, and 2 pieces of toast. For $3.50, it's a good deal and you can't really complain about much else when you're getting that. Try finding a better deal, because in the West End, you won't.
Other things they have on the menu are sandwiches, burgers, and other breakfast foods like pancakes and omelettes. Great prices for those too if you're arriving relatively hungry.

Word of warning though for fellow vegetarians: if you're checking out the breakfast special menu and want something but it has bacon or sausage and you're looking to substitute, you won't have too much luck. They REALLY don't budge on substitutes and I don't know why, but oh well.

All-in-all, tasty eats, great portion, and very reasonable prices for someone who isn't looking to spend a lot and doesn't mind meh-ambiance.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Samurai Sushi House5888 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Best sushi outside downtown
Submitted Friday, January 28, 2011 - 6:34pm [Dine in]

My boyfriend brought me here for the first time and I was skeptical. I mean, I'M the Japanese one, and I'd never even heard of this place.
Let's be honest, the ambiance isn't the best impression, but who cares. You pay really cheap for really good food in great quantity. Imagine the regular house rolls you get at any other sushi place... yeah, that's the size of their california rolls. My mind was blown as they brought the sushi out, how could they afford to plate so much at such a small price? Then again, they do get a lot of customers of course.
My favorites are their SSSR (smoked salmon, shrimp) rolls, spicy tuna, and salmon sashimi. Yes, I will admit that I'm aware that they do make the popular items ahead of time, but there's not much of a freshness difference when it comes to taste and most of these items are purchased immediately around dinner and lunch rush. They have some interesting creations there as well, and there's a lot to try.
The best value for a money is definitely sashimi as you receive these slices that're actually the size of three regular sized sashimi in any other restaurant. It tastes SO good though, a delicious cut of salmon. The half order is seriously enough for two people. I could never imagine dusting off a whole order of that stuff.

The service is pretty good, they're never rude. You order at the till and find a seat where they bring you your sushi or donburi or whatever, so it's not like a full blown restaurant. You also get free hot tea that's freshly brewed, and even a discount if you order ahead of time to beat the line that occasionally forms.

Amazing place to stop by after a day of shopping at Oakridge, or pick up a platter for a party.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Grove Inn Restaurant1047 Denman Street, Vancouver
No consistency, non-existent service
Submitted Friday, January 28, 2011 - 6:18pm [Dine in]

I will admit that I do come in here time to time, but after today, I won't be in ever again.
To start off, you walk in, and it's hard to ignore the horrible decor, but it's understandable for a small diner in the middle of the West End, but really. Plastic brick-style walls, random Christmas lights, and Japanese lanterns? And variety for food is great, but serving greasy all-day breakfast and sushi in the same restaurant really does make me think twice of even checking out the sushi menu.
The waitress tells you to "pick a seat" and once you've sat down, she hands you your menu followed by tap water. No ice, just tap water that's anything but cold. I guess I'll take anything for a $4.50 breakfast?
After you've skimmed the menu of their food that isn't worth the price ($7 for an omelette that will arrive questionably crispy on the edges and grease laden), your waitress will arrive with a completely apathetic attitude and no sign of happiness. I don't blame her. She works at the Grove Inn.
Let me note before I start with the next section: while going through the menu, I looked up towards the kitchen and saw the chef coming from the back holding two pieces of bacon in his hands. No gloves, no plate, nothing. Just walking from the back with two pieces of bacon swinging at his sides. GREAT impression, buddy.
Today I ordered the usual 2 pancake special with 2 eggs and panfries. After trying the panfries my first few visits, I've learned my lesson, and have steered clear of it, and always ask for fries instead. Today, I asked to substitute the panfries for fries, like I did my last two visits, but the server goes "No subsititute on special". What. I definitely remember substituting last time. She tells me "We've never done that," and goes to the chef to ask anyway. This was the same chef we had the last time, but he just shrugs as she asks him, and she says, "No, he's never done that." What a crock of shi-... anyway. I get annoyed because what am I paying for here? Unconsistency, staff who don't know food safe, and an extremely rude server? No way.
In conclusion, my boyfriend and I sit there, thinking about if it's really worth it, which it's not, and we tell her we're going to find somewhere else to eat. We also said this in the nicest way possible, and she retorts, "Yeah, go find somewhere else." and she grabs the menus and walks off.

Pick up and go just down the block to Teresa's, another breakfast diner. Grove Inn's just grumpy from being closed down from their rat infestation a few years back ;)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Momo Sushi House833 Bidwell Street, Vancouver
A place to get WAY more than you pay for
Submitted Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 12:52am [Dine in]

The first time I walked in, I noticed Momo Sushi were like most other restaurants that just open and aren't franchises; cheap decor, but optimistic smiles and a warm welcome. I sat down and was handed a menu from a very nice lady and I first noticed the price. It was rather typical of other sushi places, but I liked their selection. I believe I got the spicy tuna roll and some spinach gomae-e.
While waiting, I was surprised with a complimentary temaki sushi (sushi cone). It was really nice to even look at. It was well presented, and the taste was unbelievable. I'd thought at first that maybe something had gone wrong with my original order of sushi, but right following the temaki came my sushi.
First and foremost, the size of the rolls were HUGE! Each one full of ingredient rather than just a thick layer of rice, and the spicy tuna tasted even better than I'd expected. It was not too spicy, and the tuna was really nice and fresh. I've noticed now though, the rolls have gotten a little smaller, but it's completely understandable. Regardless of downgrade in size, the rolls to this day haven't gotten any less tasty, and the size isn't that different from the original. They're still pretty big.
In terms of the gomae-e, there was a great amount of spinach, and the perfect amount of sesame to balance it out. Great way to start out my meal.
Whenever someone asks about a great place to get some sushi, I ALWAYS recommend this place, and for good reason!

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance