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robbiedCommercial Drive, VancouverSince June 4, 20082 Reviews
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2 (2.1)
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Tobys Pub and Grill2733 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Standard Sportbar Fare
Submitted Sunday, June 8, 2008 - 6:56pm [Dine in]

Went to Tobys earlier today to try a pub style lunch. The waitress was friendly and funny and i left her a solid tip.

Tobys is a sportsbar which is attached to a booze store, so some undesirables are around the place. It is a big place inside tobys with two floors, with lots of TVs and a pool table upstairs. There is a small stage on the first floor which sometimes is used for musical or other entertainment.

It wasn't very busy on a Sunday afternoon, and I ordered a chicken sandwich, which didnt take long to receive. It was ok for 10$, it was exactly as described so that was good. The menu is the usual fare for pub and sportsbars, so I can't really complain.

The person I was with had a burger, which looked normal and not overly sleazy in any way. Only real nasty thing was the yam fries that we ordered. They were kind of burnt and overcooked. They were obviously deep fried, so maybe the oil was off, either way they were not good. The waitress asked if they were bad because we didnt eat any, and we said yes. She took them away and took them off the bill.

We only had 3 of the menu items and one was bad, so I don't know how that would play out over the entire menu. Most of the stuff would be hard to screw up though, so I think the yam fries were just bad luck.

The worst part for me at one point was when the cooks came out and hung at the bar and they looked like young pale degenerates sort off. That sucked seeing dirty/sketchy/pale looking young people and knowing they touched your food, but nothing I could do at that point, and for the venue, what could i expect?

As far as being able to go drink and watch sports, this is a good venue. The location has been really divey places over the years: the midnight express (or watever) then the silvertone.

For the last few years i would say it has been an addition to the drive overall.

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Bouzyos1815 Commercial Dr., Vancouver
Low quality ingredients, overpriced, bad cooking technique.
Submitted Friday, June 6, 2008 - 4:46pm [Dine in]

This is my first review, and I am disappointed that it is so scathing.

I am so sick of overpriced and terrible quality food on Commercial Drive. I would like to say any good reviews about this place "Bouzyos" must be from people with low standards, or shill writers. It has been consistently bad for years.

This is one of the worst Greek places in the city. I made a decision to boycott this place several years ago when they raised the prices and lessened the portion sizes. Wow, I should have stuck with my boycott! I went there a few nights ago, and was we were amazed at the low quality and high prices. I ordered the starter of tzatziki and pita. The tzatziki is 100% plastic, and looks more like sour cream. It had no real flavor, and is a waste of money. They should be ashamed serving that! The roast potatoes were lousy, and the rice was way over salted and mushy. The “Roast Lamb” house specialty was overcooked, and 4/5th of it was bone and fat. I had a huge mound of fat on my plate! Also overall everything was incredibly greasy. My stomach felt terrible all night. I know the Drive, since I grew up here, and know for a fact the owner likes to sit there all day with his friends and drink. This is likely why they have decided to purchase the cheapest premade and frozen food possible, and raise the prices. $15 dollars for one skewer of souvlaki! Are you kidding me? The management is a mess, and I have also had several friends who worked there, and they have advised against it. That is why they are always hiring. I paid 42$ for gut rot.

I do not know how anyone can say its quality, they must have no idea what non-greasy, decent food tastes like. If you still don’t believe me, then go ahead and try it out, but you have been warned!

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