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RicardoCVancouverSince March 31, 20102 Reviews
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2.5 (2.6)
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Cobre52 Powell Street, Vancouver
Meh!, Very disappointing
Submitted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 4:50pm [Dine in]

I have heard many good and bad reviews about this place.

Most mexicans hate this place.... other latin feels satisfied, and canadian friends love it.

So I had to try it myself.

We attended in a group of 20 people, tried almost everything on the menu.

Presentation was great, great tapas style, and some of them were tasty.

- Stay AWAY from the Duck Tacos!. Greasy, not very tasty, and has more garlic than any other thing. They should be called Garlic Tacos with a hint of duck, and some greenies on top. Painfully awful.

- DO not order the fish tacos, tasteless. No flavour at all, tiny little piece of fish with 70% batter. and a bit of white jicama slaw.... i love jicama, i love fish... but there was no flavour in it at all.

-Pupusas...disappointing no flavour. BTW Pupusas are NOT aregentinian, but Salvadorian. (My roommate is from Argentina and we had to google what they were)

- To the chefs I would say:
Where' is the fresh salsa?
or the lime?
the spices?
the pomegranate?
the exotic flavours of latin america?
the presentation is so poor!
cholula as part of a dish?

The best thing i tried: the Fried chicken tacos...
well, I guess you cant go wrong with a deep fried chicken taco, right?
but.... they should put a bit more effort into it.
The 3 taquitos were served with 1 spoon of avocado (guacamole simple, not impressed) and some "bottled" salsa.
The only fresh thing was the avocado.

I would go back just to have a good time, drinks, and maybe some taquitos as appetizers.... dinner?
just go down the street and find a better chef in one of the dozen Gastown Restaurants.

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Lolita's South of the Border Cantina1326 Davie Street, Vancouver
Submitted Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 4:31pm [Dine in]

I love food, I love dining out in the city. And I LOVE Mexican food. Spices,hot sauce, chilli peppers, exotic flavours. love it!

SO i dediced to give Lolita's a try....
My personal opinion: OVER RATED.

Food was mediocre. They use a lot of veggies on top of their plates, which may look very colorful, and pretty.... but the taste: poor

Of course, all my non-latin friends were amazed by the presentation and the taste... hummmm... perhaps you must be latin to identify Lolita's food? I am not sure, but the taste was "too american", too bland, no real flavours, no spice, nothing that makes me crave more.

We order 7 different plates, and 2 appetizers. Tried them all.Each of them lacked in flavour (but were rich in colours).

The Guacamole was the most disgusting piece of "food" we were served. It was mixed with cold beans, with avocado. It had a grey-kinda green color... it tasted worst that my description, too much garlic too.

The quesadillas...big mistake!. THe dish was actually made as fried empanadas with some sort of "wendy's" cheese sauce in the middle. Disturbingly, horrified by the taste, and the amount of oil they use to deep fried them.

No limes? no fresh salsa? are you sure this place is Mexi-Latin -kinda fusion?

The tacos.... eeew, you know what. I give up. Im wasting too much time writing a review on an over-rated "latin" restaurant.

There are not many good mexican/latin places in town, but this.... is just a Taco Bell, with a nicer presentation.

If you TRULY love latin food, avoid this crappy place. If you dont mind the taste, go, they have good music and the bottled beer is good.

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