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ramjet_99VancouverSince March 24, 20082 Reviews
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Red Bar Lounge350 Gifford Street, New Westminster
Even close to buffet-like? NOPE!
Submitted Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - 10:05pm [Dine in]

How many problems can I list here? Well..let's start with the basics. Went with my wife last friday to give it try...$11.99 for a buffet...couldn't be that bad right? Well, got in line and waited for about 5 mins.....but ultimately got a table for two near the stage. First off, in terms of environment, the buffet is held in a show lounge...meaning booth seating, or booth/chair/table seating. Secondly to get to the buffet which is setup near the stage...one has to go on either side of the seating, as there's only two isles to get to the bottom level. These 'stairs' are also the only way the food/empty trays get back and forth from the kitchen. Anyhow...enough about the environment. On to the food...first off...it was 630pm...at least 1.25 hours before their last 'seating'. Going up to the buffet line...the first thing I notice? 3 OUT OF THE 6 TRAYS HAVE NO FOOD! I grabbed what I could, including a bit of pasta, some cabbage rice (it was the GREEK THEME), some fried potatoes, and a bit of sliced LAMB.

Other than the pasta and fried potatoes...the food was weak, cold and not flavorful. The availability was so bad, that people were waiting in line for the food to come..and then when they rolled it out in carts....it would be like pigs going to get chow....there would be a flurry of people going up to the buffet line, because everyone knew that if you didn't get any now, you'd be waiting. They also ran out of cups for hot drinks (which you get yourself up at the front), as well as the desserts which came in waves (the desserts were TERRIBLE).

Obviously, Starlight Casino didn't forsee the demand of customers, nor do they know how to run and manage a buffet. The LAST THING you want to see are EMPTRY trays, and having to WAIT for food. This is a makeshift food line, implemented to drum up business for the casino.

I didn't have any big expectations for this so-called BUFFET going in, but if you're selling it as a BUFFET, you better have food at the line when someone walks up.

Sorry folks, if you're looking for at least a BASIC feed-your-face-for-cheap buffet..look elsewhere. Hell, even UNCLE WILLYS has a much superior product. 6 notches up the scale, you then have the TULALIP casino buffet at exit 202 on the I-5 on your way to Seattle....for the same price (although you'll need to drive), you can get a VERY respectable and delicious buffet.

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Mr Sport Pizza & Steak House4131 No. 5 Rd, Richmond
Food pretty good. Excellent Service
Submitted Sunday, March 23, 2008 - 11:19pm [Dine in]

Went to have supper recently, but I hadn't been in a few years. Food quality hasn't changed...pretty standard fare pizza and pasta. Had the baked spaghetti....tasty and piping hot.

Excellent service by the waitresses (they were cute too!)

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