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quattrocheesepaniniFraserview, VancouverSince July 18, 20072 Reviews
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Nevermind3293 West Fourth Ave, Vancouver
Not Cool With Nevermind
Submitted Friday, August 3, 2007 - 9:40am [Dine in]

Thought I'd try this place with a few friends due to passing by it numerous times and ogling its decent patio. Turns out their patio is one of the few things they have to offer.
We went in on a Monday afternoon (arguably the best time to give a restaurant the chance to impress you?) and were seated on the patio. We sat at a bare picnic table for quite a few minutes before a guy came to ask us if we wanted anything to drink. I asked (in what I thought to be a clear manner) "if we could get some water and also a few drinks menus". He returned with one glass of water (for me) and some menus...last I heard water was relatively cheap and they were giving it to everyone that comes into a restaurant. I tried to order a bellini but was met with a 'sorry, slush isn't working and everything's runny". I appreciated his honesty and I asked if he recommended anything else.... He gestured vaguely to the martinis but didn't offer much else.
Some other friends arrived and after a bit of deliberation (their menu does have quite a bit to offer) we ordered. My friend and I were interested in ordering the jumbo prawn skewers and politely inquired how many were included with the dish. The guy bluntly stated that he had no idea..I tried to give him a ballpark to jig his memory. No luck.
Then began the longest wait in the history of a lunch on a Monday afternoon. Near the end of the wait I walked to the bathroom and I must have been emenating angry hunger vibes because the server sheepishly mumbled "your meals will be up any second". I got back to the table and in a few mintues two entirely different servers began fluttering anxiously around us with our food, asking multiple times if we needed anything else. We didn't realize at the time, but they'd given us 3 place setting for 4 people that needed it. Geniuses.
I hate having to tip so little, but more importantly I hate having to put a place in such a prime Kitsilano location on the blacklist.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Martini's Restaurant151 West Broadway, Vancouver
Service with sarcasm
Submitted Wednesday, July 18, 2007 - 5:00pm [Dine in]

After numerous B-line bus rides past this place on Broadway, I finally decided to try it with a friend on a Tuesday night. Martini's has a stylish 'black on wood'-type decor going on and the place smelled like a pizza/pasta place should. We were seated promptly (the place wasn't very busy). This place is known for their whole wheat pizza, but I opted for the Jumbo Prawn Fettucini. My friend and I shared the chicken skewer appy.

My real issue with this place didn't come until we attempted to order from the overly sarcastic server. He was clearly super jaded from being in the food services industry for too long and thought he could get away with remarks like "oh you didn't order the first time I came around so you've lost your chance". When our chicken skewer appy came he plunked it unceremoniously on the table and proclaimed "one stick of chicken" in a blunt, rather harsh tone. My friend and I weren't sure if he was being sarcastic about the one piece and thought maybe we should be getting more than one skewer for $5.95. There was an overwhelmingly amount of tzaziki for the one skewer.

The Jumbo Prawn Fettucini came with a hardened, barely touchable piece of garlic bread and was drenched in an oily version of what was supposed to be some sort of white wine cream sauce. I asked for feta on top of the pasta and the large chunks were rather difficult to navigate and enjoy with the rest of the dish. I supposed I committed some sort of faux pas by not ordering their infamous whole wheat pizza.

Perhaps with a different server I'd want to go back to this place, but for now Martini's and I are on an arms length relationship.

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  • Ambiance