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PumelaMarpoleSince March 16, 20083 Reviews
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Antonino Bakery1535 6th Avenue West, Vancouver
Submitted Friday, March 28, 2008 - 11:43am [Dine in]

My only experience there was disappointing. I thought I would get better service because the place was empty, but really it just looked like the kid behind the counter was busy playing with a game boy.

I ordered lasagna and Arancina. The noodles in the lasagna were not cooked properly; they were hard and jagged on the outside. Further inside, it was clear that not enough ricotta was used to make the lasagna itself. It was very dry. I asked the kid behind the counter if I could get some more sauce because I found it too dry, and he said "that's the way they eat it in Italy." Maybe they could send my lasagna there.

I didn't finish it. I bought some bread and left. I'm writing now because I really don't feel satisfied with the entire experience. Getting bad service is one thing but then to get bad food and attitude on top of it, kind of makes you wonder. But then to get bad product? The product is not shoddy as another poster suggested, it's down-right hard and inedible. I see no reason to go back.

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Kishu Japanese House Restaurant538 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Yesterday's Sushi at Today's Prices!
Submitted Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 4:20pm [Dine in]

I can't believe the experience I had at this place two weeks ago! I ordered Avocado Maki rolls. They're my favourites and I've had them at many different places but never, NEVER before in my life did I see avocado that had become ABSORBED by the rice because it had been prepared the day or week before! It was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

I asked for a napkin, the waitress pointed to the table next to me FOR ME TO TAKE IT OFF. It's not like she was doing anything. I refused to leave a tip. I didn't even want to pay for the meal I ordered, because I COULDN'T EAT IT.

Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! My Germany grandmother could have made better sushi, and she doesn't even know how to cook rice! It was beyond bottom of the barrel: this is the kind of place that you only go to once, and twice if you've lost a bet.

I don't bet, I won't go back.

Oh, and for those of you who DON'T LIKE PEOPLE SMOKING IN THE RESTAURANT, the chefs and the serving staff all go in the back and light up quite a bit. The bathroom is cold and damp, there's no hot water and no toilet paper, so if you have to go...and you know what I mean, you're better off leaving the restaurant and dashing behind the dumpster because you're going to have the same ambiance and you'll pay far less for it. Plus, if you avoid this restaurant all together perhaps you won't have the intestinal problems I did.


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Neighbourhood Noodle House1352 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Total Crap
Submitted Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 4:14pm [Dine in]

There's an old saying, "you know it's a good Chinese restaurant because Chinese people eat there." Well, there are NO Chinese people that eat at the Neighbourhood Noodle House. After a year of going there, I know why.

The food is total crap. The service is also pretty horrible. Some memories to savor: I was on a diet, and asked the waitress to please not put a lot of noodles in the soup. She gave me an argument! So I told her "forget it, I won't order it." Suddenly, she could accommodate me, how surprising.

Another time my girlfriend ordered the sushi. With all the great places nearby to eat sushi, I don't know why she chose this but she did. Well, the sushi had been made either that morning, or the day before, because it was all wet and smelly. It wasn't fresh at all.

I had been going there for a while because the owner seemed nice, and because it was close to shopping. Now I'd rather go to a dignified Chinese restaurant, get good food and not be hassled anymore. I don't know why these folks are still in business but I wish the city would shut them down already.

I'm pretty sure they're recycling food.

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