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piggy333RichmondSince June 28, 20093 Reviews
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2 (2.1)
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Hoi Tong Chinese Seafood Restaurant8191 Westminster Highway, #160, Richmond
Extremely arrogant, bad service, over priced & small portions
Submitted Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 9:00pm [Dine in]

If I can this restaurant a negative star I would.

This place is ultra arrogant with horrible service. When we called to make reservation @ 7pm, we were told that's not an option. Why? Apparently they are only in operation 5 hours a day and take 2 seatings - at 6pm and 8pm. So a reservation at 7pm is not available.

We showed up a 7:15 regardless. And of course, it's not full, so we took a seat immediately.

The menu selection is small. All set menus have expensive "banquet" type items like abalone and shark fin. So for our family dinner, we can only order a la carte, which is fine - except the a la carte menu is very limited. Ok. that's fine too....

When I ordered 4 dishes, I asked - does it come with soup (which is complimentary in a lot of restaurants in the neighbourhood). They said no. I asked, does it come with rice (which is also compliementary in a lot of restaurants in the area). They said no - and added a very arrogant comment in chinese - "WELL, WE ARE NOT "SET DINNER" RESTAURANT. THIS IS A BANQUET SEAFOOD RESTAURANT." Ok, but I can't find another banquet seafood restaurant that's this small - this place only seats 40 people max and is very crowded.

The food came, they are decent but like the other reviewer said, they are all overpriced and the portions were small. How small? The food only covered maybe 40% of the plate, and it's not a big plate.

We ordered a crispy deep fried duck dish with taro root. When the server put it on the table, she instructed us how to eat it - "you only put the sauce on before you eat, don't spoon the sauce on!!" We thought it was mildly annoying because they act like we don't know how to eat chinese food.

Asked to pay for the dinner - 4 small dishes, 3 rice, plus everything came to $83 + tips. The receipt was stapled to the order sheet (with their name on) and we took it with us and left.

5 mins later...they called us! They said - you took the receipt with you, can we have it back??? We said we're far away already. We are not coming back.

What kind of restaurant would want to call a departed customer back to get the receipt?? Potentially for tax evasion purposes, maybe??

Dodgy, bad service, crowded, and arrogant...I don't care how good your food is - and it wasn't extraordinary, Richmond has more than enough chinese restaurants - so I will never go back.

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Vita Bella Ristorante4544 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Great smoked duck linguine!
Submitted Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 12:20am [Dine in]

Been to Vita Bella for a dinner the other week. The service was great - the server and even the owner kept coming back to us, asking about whether our food was ok. This is a small, neighbourhood restaurant that offer quite a cozy setting that's perfect for small parties, hearty meals & talks. My girlfriend ordered the smoked linquine and I felt like having comfort food, so I ordered their spaghetti bolognese. Both were excellent! I was pleasantly surprisd at how well the smoked duck linguine was cooked, with a drizzle of truffle oil and tender duck meat...yummy! The spaghetti bolognese sauce was well done also, a homemade sauce with a surprisingly complex flavour. Loved it! The prices are ok, for fine italian cuisine, but not particularly cheap when a pasta is close to $2 each.

We'll definitely be back!

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Soul Robata & Izakaya8580 Alexandra Road, #1015, Richmond
Min charge @ $10 that was NOT stated on menu + poor service
Submitted Sunday, June 28, 2009 - 12:13am [Dine in]

We have just been to Soul Izakaya tonight and had the most horrible experience.

I've first tried this restaurant last Wed. The food and sushi were so-so, the sushi was fresh, but there are comparable if not better sushi and fresh fish from Japan in Richmond (i.e. Seto Sushi, Hachi Sushi, even Guu at Aberdeen has good fish sometimes.)

The first night when we were there, we spent $60 (incl. tips, no drinks) for 2 people - and neither of us were full after this $60 meal. The prices were high to me. But their daily specials brought us back the next night - it advertised uni sashimi for $11.

So we went back, and as soon as we sat down and ordered the uni special, the waitress flatly said "we don't have that. we didn't order uni.". No sorry, nothing.

So if the restaurant didn't order uni, stop advertising it! I felt trapped and tricked b/c of the false advertising. But I came back for the 3rd time in a week because i loved their deep fried ice cream.

We had a huge dinner tonight and felt like dessert. So we went to Soul for their deep fried ice cream. As soon as we told the waiter we don't need the dinner menu, we just wanted the ice cream, he said flatly "we have a minimum charge". So I patiently asked "how much is your min charge?" He said "$10." But I've never recalled the menu stating there's a min charge, so I asked "but it's not stated on teh menu?" The waiter was shocked that someone would talk back - I'm assuming he was bluffing about the min charge - so he concurred and stuttered and said "yeah, it's not stated on the menu, we'll print out new menus soon. But you guys can have the ice cream, it's fine."

I was shocked. They have noodles on their menu I think for less than $10! So does it mean regular folks must order noodles + a drink in order to satisfy this min charge requirement? And how do you enforce a min charge policy when it's not written anywhere - not on the menu, on even on the door - to let customers know there's such a policy (if there's indeed one)?

Deep fried ice cream is good of course, but I'd rather spent my money elsewhere on Alexandra Rd (or other places in Richmond) when there are so many Jap restaurants who are willing to offer ok services with decent food. Why would anybody come back to this place anyway? Merely average food with high prices, false advertising and lots of 'tude just can't cut it in an economy like this and in a city where restaurants litter the streets.

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