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PennyFoodieVancouverSince May 3, 20083 Reviews
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Kappa Japanese Restaurant1450 George St, White Rock
finally went...not so thrilled
Submitted Monday, June 23, 2008 - 6:39pm [Dine in]

I'm sorry to say that this very cute, unique, well-served restaurant fails to deliver on the food.
My boyfriend and I went last night and were seated in our own Tatami room (seem they all are) which was cozy with a nice garden view.
I'm going to go through the list of what we had with some comments beside each...seems easiest.
Miso - lacking in the actual miso...not very flavorful
Tuna Tataki - Albacore - texture was off..quite mushy...freshness was questionable as it's odor was less than lovely. It was served in "chunks" rather than the typical loin slices. Sauce lacked flavor. Presentation was very pretty. I also found price/portion to be out of balance from my experience.
Dynamite Roll - Best I've had. Crispy, nice big chuck of avacado, no complaints....we ordered a second.
Chop scallop nigiri - very nice, fresh, clean scallop...again, one of the better I've had.
Kani - Alaska King Crab...sounds impressive but failed in texture, freshness, aroma, flavor. Had a big glob of mayo on top which was not needed.
Gyoza - One of us liked them, on didn't. They were not typical in that they had an entire prawn and an entire scallop in them (two different kinds) however, I found they fell apart way too easy, the wrap was lacking in proper texture and the "filling" around the main protein was kind of mushy and void of flavor.
Overall, not a great sushi experience (might mention I've been a sushi fiend for 25 years) and won't be going back.

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Caffe de Medici1025 Robson St, 109, Vancouver
Fried Chicken goes five star!
Submitted Monday, June 23, 2008 - 6:21pm [Dine in]

OH my goodness! I had such a great experience for dinner on our last visit to this place that we (girlfriend and I) decided to try lunch.
With the weather we've been having, comfort food is craved big time and we found it!
We were going to try something super "fancy" but the words "Tuscan Fried Chicken" made us salivate.
It was a BIG juicy, perfectly cooked, crispy (panko is my guess) fried chicken breast with the wing attached. I'm not a huge chicken fan...well, don't consider it a "special" enough thing to order when out but holy mama this was good.
It was so moist, perfectly coated, crispy enough to make you feel a bit "bad" for eating it but light and clean enough to help you forget. I figure ONE chicken wing can't be that bad for you...can it?
It was served on cacciatore (sp?) sauce, gorgeous, rich, yummy, with AMAZING roasted garlic mashed potato with a really nice mixture of veggies...beets, carrot, beans on the side.
I cannot think of any better chicken I've had. Perfect fried chicken in Vancouver, who woulda thunk?
As expected with fine dining, prices aren't cheap but the food and service make you forget the bill.

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Charlie Don't Surf15011 Marine Drive, White Rock
A has-been
Submitted Saturday, May 3, 2008 - 3:31pm [Dine in]

Many years ago, when Uli's served the best lamb that side of the bridge, Charlie's was a fun, different, solid place to catch a lunch with friends.
I went there last week for the first time in years and was horrified at the turn it has taken. The service was cheesy and completely lacking any kind of awareness, seating us beside a table of babbling late twenty something girls talking at the top of their voices about their boyfriend's coke habits (not kidding) when there was a window side, quiet table available.
We went basic with the food as the menu was lacking creativity and reeked of bad flavor pairings so we figured it's pretty hard to screw up wings, greek salad and a beet, goat cheese salad...written as "baby beet salad with candied pecans" The "baby beets" were giant slices of canned "grown up" beets, and the pecans were tossed in there naked/raw from a bag, bitter and the most "uncandied" to be had.
The wings were frozen, pre-tossed in dressing and so poorly put together that there was one whole wing, all three parts, thrown in there.
It was the biggest waste of $35 I have had...ever.
Never to return.

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