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outsidethiefvancouverSince July 30, 2008Favourite List (1)3 Reviews
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Me-N-Ed's Pizza Parlor20270 Fraser Highway, Langley
Raw Pizza no cheese?
Submitted Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 5:29pm [Delivery]

So we ordered from these guys having just moved to Langley.

We must have been spoiled by awesome pizza at Round House pizza in Burnaby because when we got this and wow. It was awful.

They take this thin crust, frozen prior, you can tell. Then they empty an entire can of pineapples on it probably water and all. Then they slap on about 5 bucks worth of ham. They put so much crap on the pizza, cheap ham, and pineapples that the crust didn't even cook. Burnt on the bottom, and not cooked for the 50% below the toppings.

Oh I forgot about the most important part of the pizza....for most of us anyways. No wait all of us. ON THE PLANET! Cheese, where the hell is the cheese? We looked couldn't find it anywhere. I realize that in this day and age places are trying to save a buck, but putting 1 dollar in cheese across two pizzas, then charging someone 50 dollars?

Come on. Do not order here.

I can't imagine how many people they have ripped off in Langley already. We got suckered, won't happen again. Guess we will have to watch the reviews.

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Round House Pizza7235 Canada Way, Burnaby
Roundhouse Pizza Ed speaking!
Submitted Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 5:22pm [Delivery]

Ordered from here for 10 years. Was always really good. Best pizza in town in my opinion.

Delivery was always when they said it would be, and their pizza always freshly made. You can tell they know what they are doing.

We ordered pasta once from them and it was a little watery, we called them and they brought us a new one right away. We didn't expect that at all. The only problem with food from there in 10 years of ordering more than 40-50 times.

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India Bistro1157 Davie Street, Vancouver
what a rip off....
Submitted Tuesday, July 29, 2008 - 10:23pm [Dine in]

Ordered online through yummyweb.

They didn't call me, after 20 minutes I called them. The man talking the order tells me after he quickly confirms order after I've been on hold for 5 minutes that there will be an additional $4.00 added to my purchase for an 1.80 km delivery distance. Ok Fine, I'll pay, I really want Indian food. I request riata, butter chicken, Veggie pakora ($5.95) and a side of rice.

The delivery was quick, I'll grant it that. The driver comes in I give him (stupidly) a more than $5.00 tip (on top of the $4.00 delivery fee, as I am a generous person). He leaves I open the bag and find that for $5.95 I have recieved only 6 peice of pakora, 6!!! Are you Kidding me! A dollar each for little peices of deep fried veggies)!??! Ok, I put rice onto a plate, and the butter chicken on top of that. I open the Riata to find it is (riata is yogurt) lumpy and I believe by the white chucks, curdled. Nonetheless I have to throw out my first plate of food not wanting to potentially ingest rotten riata.

I would not recommend this place to anyone. I am the guy that never complains when my food is wrong at a restaurant and still gives a tip knowing its not the waitresses fault that the kitchen sucks.

Please don't eat here, very depressing and dissapointing.

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