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OurdinnerclubvancouverSince March 22, 20063 Reviews
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Bellaggio Cafe773 Hornby Street, Vancouver
Warning...the most horrible restaurant ever
Submitted Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - 6:09pm [Dine in]

we werent greeted by anyone for about 10 minutes, which is a life time when you are standing by an entrance way.
we were finally greeted by a rude girl, once sat, nobody came to our table for over 15 min, when our order was finally taken both for our drinks and food, we didnt see our drinks for another 15 min. we ordered orange juice!!!! our food didnt arrive for over 45 min. we ordered over easy eggs with hash browns and toast. when it did arrive it was cold, and dryed up as though it had been sitting on the counter for about 15 min or longer. Bread didnt arrive with my meal like stated in the menu, our server did not check on us to see if we were ok, .when i flaged the manager down, and asked him very politly for the bread he rudly told me no bread came with my meal...he told us quote on quote" relax, be happy i will take it off your bill" take it off our bill!!! you just told me i dont get bread with my meal!even though its on the freaken menu? who did he think he was talking to....im a paying customer..who prior to this shitty ass brunch and all through it was respectivley quiet!!! i kept giving this place the benifit of the dought thinking the food must be amazing, look at all the people in here, so what if the service is shitty.... boy was i so wrong!! i felt like a such a fool!then i told him look we have been waiting along time and now our food is cold??!! he couldnt care less..no apoligies or anything!! made us feel like a sack of crap! when we didnt do anything except sit there paciently waiting for a breakfast!!! .he was unbelievable rude, and when our server saw us talking to him, she looked right at our table and rollered her eyes. Then this so called owner manager went and talked to her, and she then got a new bill from the manager walked over in a huff and slammed the bill down on our table....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!
this place is hostile, offensive, and down right brutal.......... poor just doesnt begin to rate this palce.

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Sandbar Seafood Restaurant1535 Johnston Street, Vancouver
How exciting dinner by candle light... literally
Submitted Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - 4:39pm [Dine in]

Our dinner group dined at the Sandbar on March 13th, 2006. We were pleased to be greeted with warm smiles instantly upon walking up the stairs by the hostess. And even though we had a group of 7 with-out reservations, we were seated immediately at a cozy, and large round table. The view was beautiful, over looking the ocean, just past the heads of our neighbouring guests. Our server seemed a little frazzeled upon our arrival, i think he was in the middle of a dinner rush, but once drinks were served he seemed to relax.He was very attentive,served us complementry warm bread while dinner was being prepared, and walk by, making sure we had everything we needed with out interupting us. Our server was very efficient, and had a nice demeanor.
After dinner, just as we were finishing up dessert, the power went out and with the power going out, so did the kitchen fans. The restuarant slowly started to fill up with smoke, it was rather exciting! The staff was quick on there toes, and opened up all windows and doors for ventilation. I thought it smelt lovely, like camp fire.So we finished up our dessert and drinks, by candle light while our poor server had to add up our bills manually,( prior to dinner we had asked for seperate cheques) After about 20 minutes the power came back on, and our server was able to give us our bill from the computer.(even though he had just finished manualy preparing our bills.)
The only unfortunate complaint was they closed the restaurant early because of the power going out,and we would have liked to have had another drink befor leaving. but really, that isnt even a complaint!!
All in all, i had a wonderful time, great food, excellent service by our server, and good bang for your buck.
I had an amazing spinach salad $8.50. half Lt. of red wine $23. and for dessert, white chocolate cheesecake $7.
I will definitly recommend this place and will definitly go back again just to have the chocolate truffle cake all to myself.

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  • Ambiance
Cozy dinner by (sort-of) the seaside.
Submitted Wednesday, March 22, 2006 - 3:53pm [Dine in]

Our little dinner club dined at the PacificCrabCo. on March,7th,2006. We were the only ones there upon entering, so I felt a little uncomfortable. This short lived uncomfortaility soon left as we were warmly greeted by our server. She was wonderful, attentive, and consistent through out our dinner experiance. She refilled water with out being asked, which I loved as I was drinking wine. Brought us too die for complementry crackers to snack on, while waitng for others to join us and catered to our needs with humanity. A rare delight from the usual service one gets in this city. We arrived just moments befor the sun set, (the color of the sky took our breath away.) For dinner I had the 3 prawn,3 scallop, 1 pc.fish dinner, which was served with frys and 3 different dipping sauce for $19. It was delicious! My friend and I shared two bottles of wine $22. each. I didnt have froom for dessert, but my sister enjoyed the chocolate silk cake,$7. which I will make room for next tiime around.
my bill was $63.29, and I left a well deserved $10. tip. I will recommend this place, and will return for dinner (just befor the sun sets.)

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