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OceanBeauteCoquitlam (Schoolhouse Street)Since October 15, 20111 Review
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Wendy's Restaurant100 Schoolhouse Rd, #101, Coquitlam
Wendy's Customer Service
Submitted Friday, October 14, 2011 - 6:51pm [Take-out]

I frequent Wendy' drive through nearly everyday. For a couple of reasons: 1) it is 2 blocks from my house and 2) i love their salads, I have purchased a Baja Salad frequently replacing the chili with grilled chicken., then one day, they tell me they can not do it. And I say, they have been doing it all the time. And they say it costs too much and I say well,what about customer service- why don't you charge for the difference that the chicken costs and keep your chili... the "manager" said we can do it... cost is full price of a chicken and you get the chili...???? OMG what is it with these people? I am more than willing to pay the 2 dollar increase for the chicken but why chg e 3.50 and make me take the chili... gawd have merci on us... these people know NOTHING about customer service.... its to bad they lost me as a loyal customer of a freaking piece of chicken... I spend at least 10-15$ a day there... x 7 days this about 70-105 dollars a week.... approx 500/month... wow they freaking lost a lot when they refused to embrace customer service... I am taking my business elsewhere.... sad state of affairs.

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