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o0o0ovancouverSince July 24, 20082 Reviews
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Next Level Restaurant and Lounge7500 Scott Road, Surrey
there's a reason why its so quiet.
Submitted Thursday, July 24, 2008 - 12:54pm [Dine in]

We went on Saturday night at 7:30 for dinner and it was surprisingly quiet! there weren't even that many wait staffs or hostesses... we almost left because we thought it wasn't open!

while waiting for the food, we noticed that there were only 3 tables around the place. one of them had a bunch of guys there, and were quite loud and drunk (and they were in the back of the dinning room, should they not be in the lounge?). the server kept going up to them and chatting and giving them drinks. some of them also went to the patio to smoke! someone should tell them about smoking rules in BC. we asked our waitress if they were regulars, and she said that they were the OWNERS! oh my god... seriously??

our food came, and even that was lacking in luster. The pasta was saucy but tasteless. the chicken was dry and bland. overall, what's the point of having this?? the burger was BLACK. and the server said its suppose to be like that! Plus the fries had WAY too much salt on it. there was a little hill of salt on my friends plate when he finished shaking off the salt from his fries.

Overall, skip this place. unfriendly, cold - what is this, a hangout for the owners?

there's a reason for the lack of costumers, and i can say that I won't be at Next Level for a very long time, if not ever again.

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Flo Tea Room7994 Granville Street, Vancouver
Servers that talk back
Submitted Thursday, July 24, 2008 - 12:32pm [Dine in]

I logged on and saw someone submit a review for Flo. I can't agree more with what they said. I went there a few nights ago and this was my experience.

I went with my sis-in-law and ordered a few dishes of food, one of which was a Spicy Tofu, which is tofu tossed in thai chili sauce. The tofu came to the table and it's the Deep friend tofu with salt/pepper. So my sis told them that it's the wrong one. The waitress looked at her and walked away! we were so shocked.. did she not hear us? then we realized that she went to get another waitress and stood at our table debating what to do with it. um, rather unprofessional to go get back up, no? after debating amongst themselves in mandarin (which we didn't understand), our server told us that we had ordered this because we pointed to it. um, NO! we had looked her in the eye and said Spicy Tofu when we ordered, we had POINTED to the menu heading (snacks). then they debated amongst themselves again. finally, frustrated and feeling treated like childrens, my sis just said: what's the big deal, just go back and toss it in a wok with some sauce! and that's just what they came back with 10 minutes later....

How rude to stand there and talk in your own language, TWICE during that 10 minute interval. it is average priced with nice booths, but i'd rather spend my money somewhere else. i too, never did and never will go back.

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