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nobraynDowntown VanSince December 3, 20072 Reviews
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Shanghai 19491215 Davie street, Vancouver
Looks can be decieving...
Submitted Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 11:01pm [Dine in]

The exterior is well done. A very cool looking place indeed. Moving on...

I took a couple friends from out of town here because I heard it was pretty tasty. We ordered 3 dishes for the 4 of us, thinking that would be enough (since portions at Chinese food restaurants are usually really big). They weren't.

The ginger beef was sliced super thin, and therefore very dry and crunchy. And it was appie-sized. The Chef's Special Stir fry was pretty average, and the largest of the dishes. Not a lot of flavour, but what flavour there was, was tasty. The vegetable fried rice was just plain. My friend asked for some chili sauce or some equivalent and got a spoon full of something that seemed like ketchup with some spice mixed in, but no real flavour.

This was on a friday evening, with a couple other restaurants on Davie having line-ups, and we were the only patrons until a lone gentleman was seated half-way through our meal. I couldn't help but notice that he had to return his soup for some reason and get a new one brought out...

Lastly, the service was pretty bad... The girl was nice, and really friendly, but there was a language barrier - which is fine and I can work with that.... But she wasn't on the ball. I could have used a second beer, but by the time she came back, we were all done (and hungry still). And it took forever to get the bill for some reason.

If I saw a 'Under new management' sign, I'd go try this place again... til then.....

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Continental Coffee1806 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Cheap, but in a good way.
Submitted Monday, April 7, 2008 - 6:33pm [Dine in]

I've been here a few times. There's always a bit of a lineup since it's a pretty small place. They do the organic / fair trade thing, which is always a bonus. Soy or Rice milk can be substituted for I think 25 cents; cheaper than Starbucks. I had a double soy latte and my girlfriend had a soy chai latte - both were excellent. There's really nothing in the way of baked goods that look appetizing... Some hippie cookies and biscotti. Doesn't matter, I just go for the cheap latte's and mochas (also cheap and amazing - they make their own whipped cream, a nice touch).

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