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NippelyNorth Van, BCSince February 12, 20151 Review
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Denny's2050 Marine Dr., North Vancouver
Worst dining experience ever!
Submitted Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 12:50am [Dine in]

My friend and I decided to go here for brunch as Denny's is usually good for breakfast. What followed can only be described as the worst dinning experience I have ever had. Having eaten at several Denny's restaurants over the years, we know what to expect. So after taking and waiting for our drink order, the table next to us receives their food and one of the guys says that's not what I ordered, I ordered a .... The server apologises and goes to the kitchen and we are subjected to the shouting match between the server and the cook over who got the order wrong. Not thinking too much about it because mistakes happen, our server returns with our drinks and takes our food order but before she gets to leave, another patron from the table next to us calls her over and has a complaint about the food he received. Our server again apologises and says she'll be right back with a replacement. So while waiting for our food we get to enjoy another shouting match between the server and the cook that escalated to the point where the manager had to run in and break it up. After waiting a unreasonable half hour, our food arrives. My friend ordered a club sandwich with fries and I had ordered a breakfast omelette. My food looked ok but my friends plate just has the sandwich and no fries. He mentions it and our server apologises and says she'll be right back with the fries. Again another argument in the kitchen ensues. I start eating and my first piece of toast is really dry and I assumed it was because it had dried out sitting under a heat lamp while waiting to get served. My friend eats the first of the four sandwich pieces on his plate. It's at this point he notices that the Toast of the two middle sandwich halfs are burnt black (I guess the cook thought he could hide it??). I get the managers attention, he comes over and we explain the situation and show him the sandwiches to which he offers a replacement which my friend accepts and off he goes. Just then our server arrives with a plate of fries for him and I go to eat another piece of toast and when I turn it over to put jam on it, I see it is completely covered in mould. Yes the bread hadn't dried out under a lamp, the bread was stale and mouldy. I nearly threw up right there. We call the manager over, show him my toast and he agrees that's unacceptable, offers to replace it which we declined. We also told him to cancel my friends reordered sandwich as we had both lost our appetites at this point. While waiting to see if we were going to get a bill (which they didn't) we were subjected to another shouting match between the manager and cook about my toast. The cook was adamant the toast was fine. In my opinion, if the cook thinks that's acceptable then what other rotten food is he sending out "thinking" it fine.

I will never return to this restaurant again, probably even ever a Denny's again. If you decide to go here, you have been warned!

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