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ninboarderVancouverSince November 8, 20092 Reviews
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Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant5300 No 3 Road, #221, Richmond
Submitted Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 11:59pm [Dine in]

Came here on a Sunday night a couple weeks ago with my family. We had the regular buffet menu. It was okay. It wasn't spectacular nor was it horrible.

First off, sushi. The maki rolls were alright. They weren't top notch or anything, but better than those found in pre-packaged boxes. A couple reviews ago, someone stated the California rolls tasting sour. I think these guys like to put a lot of rice vinegar in their rice.

Don't expect too much from their noodles. It's not like that they were inedible. I found that they were lacking--of course. If you really wanted a good bowl of ramen, you would go to a non-buffet Japanese restaurant that would actually serve a legit bowl of noodles with legit soup rather than a buffet restaurant.

The miso soup was fine. No restaurant should screw up something as simple as this. Although, the miso soup at other places taste better (naturally, since this is a buffet).

Other things such as chicken teriyaki or tonkatsu were pretty good. Remember, just like A&W fries and onion rings, they taste 100x better when still warm. (Otherwise, be prepared to have that strange greasy taste go over your tongue if you ever decide to consume the meat after it has cooled down too much.) Go for hot meats while it's still hot before chowing down on the sushi.

Conclusion for food, it's edible. Not bad. Especially if you're craving sushi. It won't make you vomit. Just mediocre.

Not bad.
I found it was kinda strange that no one was standing by that podium to greet us. Usually when I see a podium, I would expect to see a person ready greet customers. All of the waitresses were gathered by the cashier chatting. I caught their attention with a greeting and an authoritative declaration of a reservation (lol, that sentence sounds funny).
The food came relatively quickly after ordering. They did however forget to bring an order of yakisoba. It was easily solved after telling the waitress that we were waiting on an order of yakisoba then asking her to bring it.

Hmm, so about $20 per person for the regular menu. Not too bad since you're allowed to try a variety of foods and eat as much to your delight. On the other hand, I would rather eat higher quality food for cheaper than bloat myself with mediocre food and empty my wallet faster.

This place has a modern and oriental feel meshed together. I felt that they could've chose lighting fixtures that produced a softer light. Some tables weren't cleaned right away after other customers left. The washroom was clean. I wish the waitresses were a bit more friendly with the customers (and stop chatting with each other in Mandarin!) but also more professional with their jobs.

Not bad. Not great. Some other reviewer said something along the lines like this "Good for people with big stomachs, not for people with strong taste buds."
In my opinion, it was pretty good, because I felt like stuffing myself full that night. On any other occasion however, I would probably go to a higher quality non-buffet restaurant or even just cook at home.

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HKYK Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant4260 No. 3 Road, Richmond
A Simply Infuriating Experience
Submitted Sunday, November 8, 2009 - 2:58am [Dine in]

Ah, nothing better than having hotpot with family on a cold November night, right? I couldn't be more wrong.

Food was edible. That doesn't mean all of it tasted incredible.
Rare beef- It was okay. Can't really screw this up. It tasted fine after cooking it.
Buns- Chewy and tough.
Fried rice- Way overdone. Super sticky--almost equivalent to glutenous rice. Also had a sick super greasy flavour.
Hor Fan- The flat rice noodles tasted fine. But underneath the dish there was a jumble of ground up raw shrimp. Appetizing, isn't it? (Sarcasm)
Assorted veggies- Tasted burnt. Don't know how. Even things that came out of pot after the veggies didn't taste burnt. An ever undulating mystery.
Dessert- Nothing extremely special about the desserts. They didn't taste fresh.

If you're looking for terrible service, look no further. People rarely came by to check up on us. Our teapot was always empty. We were missing 2 plates and a seat. Hah, my father had to track down a waiter to get us another chair and 2 more plates. Oh gosh, we sat there for almost 3 hours for 2 plates of rare beef, 4 dishes of assorted seafoods, 6 baskets of veggies, and then a bombardment of desserts.

I didn't pay for it but from what I can tell, people shouldn't be paying for bad food with bad service.

The restaurant looked pretty good on the outside. But as the saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover.
The chairs, floor, and walls were desperately screaming, "Replace me!"
The carpet was faded, the chairs and wooden panels were chipped, and the wall paper was tanned and partially peeled.
The lighting wasn't bad. It was nice and luminous.

I had a headache which worsened as I the dinner progressed. It subsided after I stepped out.
If you're going for hotpot, look elsewhere. There's probably better restaurants down No. 3 road towards Richmond Centre.

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