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neekatamRichmond , BCSince May 22, 20101 Review
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Akari Japanese Restaurant7261 120 Street, Delta
EXTREME Dissappointment!!!!
Submitted Saturday, May 22, 2010 - 3:19pm [Dine in]

A friend and I were in Delta and decided to pop in to Akari for a quick bite. We figured we go in and check out the menu first and noticed they had a large selection from reasonable to overly priced dishes, but at the same time we were greeted very pleasantly, so we decided to stay. Both my friend and I have been servers at a Japanese restaurant in the past, therefore we are understanding and compassionate with what they have to go through, but this day, our tolerance was wearing short.

At first, when we were waiting to be seated, we noticed only one other table with a couple seated, so it wasn't too busy yet and we figured the food shouldn't take too long. After we were seated at the first table by the sushi bar in the main aisle, we waited at least five minutes for a server to come by to ask us......If we would like something to drink (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! standards at a Japanese restaurant is, you seat a customer, you bring tea to welcome them to your establishment...no questions asked). After we received our tea, we placed our order and waited for our food. The food came quite quickly, but our problems are just about to begin.

After 1/2hr there were a couple more tables seated, but not to the point where the restaurant was super busy, so we figured before it gets too busy, we will ask for the bill and possibly more tea. Well, that sure didn't happen quickly! My friend and I tried to flag a server from all directions, but no luck, we gestured to the sushi chef (who was staring right at us) for one of the servers, but he just continued to stare at us. Where we were seated, the servers section is right in their path of the main entrance, so for them not to see me calling them while looking in our direction is REDICULOUS. What frustrated me even more was even when they walked by and I said "Excuse me", they never even acknowledge our existence, they just ended up going to the back to gab away with each other. So now by this point, I am beyond angry and finally she comes and asks us if we would like anything else (when we already have our wallets in our hands). She brings us the bill and while we figure out the bill, she comes back within minutes and asks if it's alright to take the money. Unbelievable!!!

Lets just say, both of us will never return and we will spread word to all the people we know to AVOID this place at all mean. My review may be harsh, but only to receive immediate service when it comes to is just pathetic.


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