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NeecakesVancouverSince May 29, 20102 Reviews
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Kingsway Sushi3665 Kingsway, #110, Vancouver
Lost of appetite.
Submitted Friday, May 28, 2010 - 11:32pm [Dine in]

Tonight, I decided to give Kingsway Sushi an attempt to satisfy the sushi craving. It's not the first time I've been there. I've tried all of their menus before, and all of my experiences have been so-so. My companion and I waited until 9:30pm for their late-night AYCE menu.

It was one of those tiny tables for two, and you have to squeeze pass between the table and the next to get to the inside seat. Upon squeezing through, I stepped on mango pudding that had fallen onto the floor and failed to be cleaned up. Disgusting. The seat cushions were horrid as well with apparent stains all over.

I find that their food is gradually getting worse with each visit. I could not even touch the BBQ corn, it tasted so stale and old, nor could I finish the deep fried smelt. The batter tasted like uncooked flour. A lot of their dishes are just drenched with teriyaki sauce.

The servers brought food to our table with so much dread, without so much uttering a word. Would it kill them to state what is being served or even portray a slight smile?

That was my last visit to Kingsway Sushi.

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Sushi Garden4635 Kingsway, Burnaby
Pay only for the food.
Submitted Friday, May 28, 2010 - 5:30pm [Dine in]

My first visit to Sushi Garden was accompanied with two of my friends who have had experienced the restaurant before and recommended. We entered through the back door from the parking lot, the space was tight and cleanliness was not apparent. As we waited to be seated, two waitresses tried to seat us at different tables (without so much of a greeting), lacking total communication. The chefs behind the bar did not greet us either and only stared as we made our entrance.

The restaurant is small, and the owner decided it would be a great idea to pack in as many tables as possible without any slight consideration for guests. Definitely not recommended for anyone that seeks an intimate experience. The only favorable point to note was the beautiful painted walls.

Once settled, tea was served and menus were presented. One waitress came to our table within a minute expecting us to order already. When we told her that we needed a few more minutes, she never came back afterwards. A male waiter came by instead, and he was the most friendliest person in the entire place, always seen smiling. Props to him.

The rolls ARE delicious and fresh. We ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Roll, the Island Roll, the Hawaiian Beef Roll, the Negitoro Roll, and a serving of Toro Sashimi -- all of which I would recommend. The portions were generous and everything appeared and tasted great. Delish!

As we paid for our bill at the cashier, not even a word of gratitude was uttered. I tried to generate some sort of response from the earlier two waitresses by saying thank you and bidding them goodbye. They did not even pay the slightest attention to me.

As a hospitality management student and someone who works in the industry, this was an absolute disappointment. The next time I'm heading back to Sushi Garden, it's for take-out only.

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