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NDCoquitlam, B.C.Since January 3, 20112 Reviews
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2 (1.8)
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My Greek Taverna946 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam
Horrible service, horrible take out, don't bother
Submitted Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 9:33pm [Take-out]

We have a young family and haven't been able to enjoy dinners out as much as we used to so order in/take out on special nites. One of my favs is Greek food. Unlucky for us, this is one of the only half decent Greek food places close by so are quite busy. The food is good, not fantastic, but good, the portions and prices are also good, not fantastic but good.

TAKE OUT SUCKS. They have no desire to cater to or expand their take out business. Your a second class customer and treated as such. Don't bother trying to order from them on Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday, which are usually the nites you would want to treat yourself with take out. They are a busy location and couldn't be bothered to get the phone. They only have one line so you have to keep calling for at least 20 or more minutes straight. I've given up after 30 min of continuously trying before.

If your one of the lucky ones to get through, they immediately put you on hold or put the phone down and walk away. I was even told last weekend that they weren't accepting take out orders because they were to busy. How ridiculous, must be nice to be so busy that you don't care, turn down business and orders and leave money on the table. This after 20 min of trying to get through.

Tonite I thought I'd try again, it's a Tuesday nite so should be safe no? Was so excited to hear it ring and then Bam! a loud fax machine in my ear. Who would have the fax machine on the only # into the restaurant? I give up.

My only hope is that a Greek restaurant remotely good opens up within the area, given the crappy service at My Greek I'd be more than happy to take my business, and anyone else's I know, over to it.

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  • Service
  • Value
Sushi Town2773 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam
HORRIBLE SERVICE, well beyond the worst service experience ever! RUDE RUDE STAFF!!!!!
Submitted Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 8:55pm [Dine in]

OK, so we have always gone to the Sushi Town on Capitol Hill in North Burnaby, we were one of the very first customers they had when they first opened and remained very loyal until we moved to Coquitlam. Thier food was awesome, fresh and huge portions, we loved it and to this day still make the drive there for sushi nite. Thier service has always been quite bad but who cared? The food more than made up for it. We thought, finally we would give the Sushi Town in Coquitlam a try in the hopes that due to its name sake it would be just as good. The minute we walked in I should of known better, the place was more lit up (lights so bright!) than a movie set and I was tempted to put on my sunglasses. Complete lack of ambiance. The restaurant was smokey from the cooking vents and reeked like deep fryer and fish. I almost gagged and I can still smell it on my clothes. The place is dirty, windows filthy and floors sticky and disgusting never made it to the bathroom to scared. The staff is soooooo RUDE to the point that they yelled at my mom to move her book off of the table beside us, no problem, but a please would have been nice and sufficed? We waited at least 20 minutes before finally flagging a person down to ask for a cup of tea and then at least 20 more before finally being able to catch another person to take our order. Towards the end of the meal I asked a server to please pack up our left overs and to please also check if our to-go order might be ready which we had ordered with our main meal in the begining. A simple let me check for you would have been nice, but instead, the server demanded I look over at the door and told me "See that line up over there?" "Those are pick up orders and you have to wait more!" Didnt quite know what to say at that point, never had a server or estabishment full of servers be soooo rude and demeaning at the same time, the lack of training of staff is obvious but it seems to me that SUSHI TOWN COQUITLAM takes more pride in being RUDE and OFFENSIVE to thier customers than it does in thier food. WILL NEVER NEVER GO BACK AND WILL MOST DEFINATELY MAKE SURE TO TELL ALL OF OUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS TO STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food there DOES NOT make up for the extremely POOR and RUDE service!!!

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