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nakedjohnnyCoquitlam CentreSince April 12, 20151 Review
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Ginza Restaurant2850 Oxford Street, Port Coquitlam
Bad Sushi Experience in a while
Submitted Saturday, April 11, 2015 - 9:09pm [Take-out]

Wow, I don't normally write bad reviews but this one really deserves one this time, I have to let people know on this one. I call in for pickup order at 7, and they tell me half an hour for pickup. I get there at 7:25, wait and wait, nothing. After waiting for 20 minutes they tell me it's going to be 5 min. so I wait longer, with my 3 year old daughter with patience of, yes, a 3 year old. I'm struggling every minute to keep her busy and wait. After 30 min of waiting, I finally had enough, I ask to cancel, they say no, I can't cancel. WTF? Keep saying another 5 min. OK finally after 40-45 minutes later my order is ready. Wow, I never waited this long for a pickup order. and I can't even cancel?!!!!

Get this:

After waiting extra 45 minutes sitting around, for a pick-up order, they offer me 'ONE FREE POP' - are you kidding me?

So I go back home and unpack the boxes, and this is really weird, I'm not an expert in sushi, but is it normal to have your fish on HOT Rice??? it just tasted really weird, because I've been eating sushi since highschool, say 20 years or so, and never had sushi made with hot rice like this.

Their rolls weren't too bad tho, other than the BC roll had only tiny tiny piece of salmon skin in it. Try California Sushi or any other restaurant, you get more than one piece of skin size of a fly, that was a joke. California roll and Spicy Tuna were decent, but these are pretty basic.

Anyway, there. For those who want to try, eat in. Take out will take forever, and you can't cancel, and you will be treated like dirt - to these guys, the customers who don't "tip" don't seem important to them. Little do they know, take-out customers take out a lot more frequent than dine-in customers.

This evening was the last time with this restaurant. There are plenty other restaurants with far better service in timely manners, and honest owners out there where I rather spend my money in.

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