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mysterycritic01VancouverSince December 22, 20082 Reviews
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Denny's1296 W. Broadway, Vancouver
did not live up to expectations
Submitted Monday, January 5, 2009 - 3:46pm [Dine in]

I decided to swing by this Denny's as my friend had recommended that this location had pretty decent service and good food. I am not sure why he would say that because the moment I walked in I was unimpressed with the type of service I recieved as there was a bit of a small line up around 4 tables worth of people, the interesting part of this was that there were 6 tables available ready to be seated so I could not understand why the people in front of me and myself were not being seated.
Once I was directed to my seat my server if i remember her name i think its started with an N but I digress my server wasn't very good as it took her a fairly long amount of time to actually get to me when clearly all she was doing was chatting with customers which I assume were her friends before even coming to serve me.
she even took her time getting to me when clearly it was only myself and the group she was talking to her were in her I would assume immediate section. When she did get to me I was a little offended as it seemed that I recieved a dirty look from her as if I did something wrong. but to the point I recieved very poor service.
The saving grace for this restaurant was the food. which was actually fairly decent albeit besides the dessert which was made wrong by my server as she made the dessert in a way that i did not request. If i requested my chocolate cake warm (it was heated from a microwave) I would have asked for it to be made that way, or i would have just bought the same cake and microwaved it from my home. my critique of the food.
-breakfast (hasbrowns, pancakes, sauges, bacon) fairly decent
-coffee (kept on coming) which is good
-dessert (chocolate cake) was made in a way I did not request
-service - mediocre at best
-ambiance - its a dennys what else would anyone expect

so all in all I might come back here just as long as I dont get the same server I had in my previous visit. as I could clearly see the other customers being treated exceptionally well.

  • Food
  • Service
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  • Ambiance
TGI Friday's4700 Kingsway, Burnaby
Not impressed
Submitted Sunday, December 21, 2008 - 9:43pm [Dine in]

I was just here last weekend looking for a bite to eat with my friends and they decided to come to this place because it was the only restaurant in metrotown that was closest to the movie theatre and was still open. It took us 1 hour to get a table the hostess were not very pleasant, although they tried to be but most can tell its forced and comes out fake, and as far as the crowd is concerned TGI does not really attract the high end clientel, most of the diners were families, teenagers so I probably shouldn't be cirticizing the restaurant because thats their niche market, but I digress. I believe the server that was helping me was named kristy (i am not sure if thats how her name was spelled but I will get to the point) The table we sat at wasnt very accomodating as the restaurant is very cluttered and the ambiance for what it was was sub par as most would assume a family oriented restaurant would have staff watch their language in front of the customer. to the service, i was not impressed with the type of service I recieved, as were my friends who went to the restaurant. The suggestions out server made got us interested however when the food arrived it was very mediocre. I suggest that server should work in sales as she got us to bite on TGI's product thinking it would be impressive but it was not. She like the hostesses seemed fake to us, even though we were very polite customers. Most would assume that if a customer is very nice the server would tend to get excited as most good and polite customers would leave a large tip, and personally I tip fairly well when I can see that our server is doing their best to create a welcome dining experience. But as TGI is concerned our server just went about her business not really showing enthusiasm for our politeness.
Back to the food.

The chicken was dry, the fries were moist
the ribs dry
the pop watered down
the only saving grace for the menu would be the salad

All in all I would not go back to TGI again, and I would not recommend any of my friends and colleagues to dine at this restaurant again. If they hire better/polite staff and legitimate cooks maybe, but at this point in time i probably wont be returning

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