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mybelleVancouverSince February 9, 20093 Reviews
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2.5 (2.5)
  • Food3 (3)
  • Service2.5 (2.7)
  • Value1.5 (1.3)
  • Ambiance3 (3)


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Italian Kitchen1037 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Small Portions, Huge Bill
Submitted Saturday, February 21, 2009 - 1:01am [Dine in]

I went there for a birthday party today, and knowing beforehand of the poor reviews, I was a bit reluctant to go.

I had read before that it was "back-to-back" seating, but on the 2nd floor, there was plentiful room to back up your chair w/o bumping into the person behind you. There is constant chatter, but it's not loud enough to the point that you have to scream to hear one another.

The food was not as cold as I had expected it to be. My papardelle with lamb sausage was the right temperature and was very tasty! However, it took a loooong time to come.

Worst. part. ever. My papardelle was finished in five minutes flat because the portion was SO small. I don't think anyone should have to pay $16 for that small of a portion. If you decide to go there, I would recommend ordering a pizza because it's cheaper and bigger.

Our waitress was very smiley and friendly, and she made a few jokes here and there. I do believe that food could've come quicker, but that is the job of the kitchen, not the waitress.

  • Food
  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Tsunami Sushi1025 Robson Street, #238, Vancouver
Definitely NOT Worth It
Submitted Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 11:06pm [Dine in]

I went there with my family last year and we were in the mood for sushi. We decided to go up and check it out, thinking that the menus would be posted on the windows. They weren't. Even so, we went in anyway and was greeted by a waitress who brought us to the table. The waitress did not bother to smile or give us a warm welcome. Instead, she just placed down the menus and left. When we looked at the menu, we were astonished to see the overpriced items! Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact pricing, but I remember that one particular dish - a sushi plate, I believe - was $11-$17. The sushi was small and devoured within minutes. The chicken teriyaki that we ordered was not worth its value either because there was no rice and the "special" sauce was nothing special. By the way, you have to pay extra for rice. As for the ambience, the mirrors make the restaurant look bigger, when in reality, it is pretty small. The all-you-can-eat section is okay, I guess. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant though.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance
Cristos Greek Taverna4624 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Not a Big Fan
Submitted Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 10:52pm [Dine in]

My friends and I were originally going to go to Anton's to celebrate my friend's birthday party, but our plans changed to Cristos when we were told that we'd have to wait for another 2 hours.

Service: When we first walked in, the waitress eyed us up and down as if we were going to be a hassle. She told us that we'd only have 1 hour to eat, so we decided to go somewhere else instead. When she realized that we were about to leave, she welcomed us in. I found this attitude to be quite peculiar. After that, service was better because they took in our birthday cake and came back to check up on water refills.

Ambience: To be honest, it is slightly on the dim side, but then again, I've neve been to a Greek restaurant before, so that might be the standard ambience. The rest of the restaurant (i.e. walls, decor) looked pretty good though!

Food: I shared a Lamb, Beef and Chicken Souvlaki with my friend thinking that the dish would be very big (as my other friend had said this before). Unfortunately, the portions came short of my expectations. The rice tasted like minute rice; the souvlaki was dry; and the salad had way too much cheese.

Value: Considering that the my souvlaki was not that big of a dish, I really don't think that my dish amounted to the $16 (shared with my friend) that I had to pay. Moreover, the waitress informed us shortly afterwards that we would have to pay a 15% gratuity bill...

Overall, I don't think that I will be going back there any time soon.

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  • Service
  • Value
  • Ambiance