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mr_bergerwest vancouerSince July 21, 20102 Reviews
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Section 31039 Mainland Street, Vancouver
Truck Stop food at High End price
Submitted Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 9:03pm [Dine in]

I was in Yaletown looking for Lunch, with my personal trainer. Passing by Earls, and a few other restaurants.
It looked nice inside (more like a fancy strip-bar). We received our drinks right away, and the server was friendly. My friend ordered the Roasted Chicken Sandwich (with salad). And I got the Bacon Cheese Burger with fries. My co-patron asked me "how is the burger?". I said: "it's something, but not a burger". The chicken sandwich; turned out to be no more than, 5 small 1x 1/4 inch pieces of chicken, on what was diced red peppers and green onions. He said it was good! My Burger... Was a "pre-pressed piece of crap"! Not beef, something formed into a patty, then burned, with black char. It had 2 slices of tomatoes (no bigger than a toonie), and CHEEZ WHIZ.

Nothing great! Something you would get a a Truck stop, or some dive on Granville street!

With the only drinks being a Virgin Caesar, and water. the bill came to $32 and change.
It is a nice place, and the server seemed OK! and you are welcome to go, only I recommend don't try the food! It's not worth what you pay, unless you are hammered and want something in your stomach to keep from throwing up. :P

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Vera's Burger Shack1030 Davie St., Vancouver
"What kind of burger?"
Submitted Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 4:07pm [Dine in]

I am a fan and love hamburgers, as everyone on here who writes a review. At first I see a Vera's All around the city. And thought... I will try their burgers. and it is specifically a "burger restaurant". Before going in to the Davie Street location; I had previously heard only bad comments about it! Yet, I had gone in un-biased. After finally reaching the counter, after standing in line for at least 10 minutes (yself and two other patrons only). the woman (whom is the owner) asked: What would you like? I replied: "a burger", with fries and a pop. then the confusion began! the woman at the counter asked me: "Well, what kind kind of burger???" I replied, "a Regular Hamburger". To which she she replied, what kind of hamburger?. I said just the regular burger! she begin to say to me: Well we have... and then went through the whole menu. I said: "just the normal burger". then she asked me "well, what would you like on that?"; to which I replied... "whatever it comes with". then she began to ask me again what I wanted on my hamburger, and, told me all the list of condiments. I said "whatever you put on it". Then she said to me: Well, you can have "3 free items. would you like ketchup, mustard, mayo, everything else is extra". My reply, a regular hamburger! then she told me, finally "the burger comes plain! (nothing on it)". finally... while waiting I began to start sneezing, and coughing. Looking around, I seen clouds of black smoke, billowing above my head, and throughout the restaurant. I mentioned that their vents were not working, to getting no reply! 15 minutes later (in an nearly empty restaurant) I got my burger, with fries and a pop! this is not the end of the story... I get it back to my abode, and take a look at what they have, a friend of mine and co-worker seen the patty and said: " it looks like the SUBWAY ribs". Pre-pressed something??? not meat! and it was a wedge; meaning, wide on one side and flat on the other side of the patty. I took a bite to feel something hard on my teeth... The end of the tomato, and bit of stem! Still trying to be un-biased... I ate two, maybe 3 bites, and had to throw it in the garbage! the fries were cold, tasted re-fried, and hard! Ten dollars and change down the toilet :( To be fair... I understand the food business is hard to be in. and realize that people are trying to make a buck! and probably not all the Vera's are the same, maybe they had an off day? However the customer should always come first. For the price people are paying, and the terrible confusing service... It's not hard for customers to walk down the street or over to Denman for a burger. for the same price or even less money, to get a better burger and deal.

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