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moonieKitsilanoSince August 2, 20065 Reviews
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Pajo's Fish & Chips3500 Bayview Street, Richmond
Birthday treat!
Submitted Saturday, July 12, 2008 - 6:22pm [Dine in]

We are locals and Pajo's is probably our favourite place for fish & chips. The batter is lighter than most places...yes a bit greasy and the fries are yummy. Fish & chips is not meant to be a healthy meal in my mind.

We went this past Thursday and tried to enjoy our meal while experiencing hurricane force winds. The best part of the meal was that my mom's meal was free. Thats right free!! If you go the the Pajo's website you can get a coupon sent via email for a free meal on your birthday. She had a small fish & chips and drink for free...cant beat that. And before anyone comments on how cheap I am....my mom requested this meal b/c she is a chipaholic.

Very friendly service when we asked if we could have the rest of our meal wrapped up b/c we were freezing. Definitely a great place especially during the week when it is quieter. To be honest we avoid it like the plague on weekends.

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Papi's Ristorante Italiano12551 No.1 Rd., Richmond
The Best in Steveston!!!
Submitted Thursday, September 28, 2006 - 2:27pm [Dine in]

There is nothing bad to say about this little treasure of a restaurant. I first enjoyed this place with my family on Christmas Eve....great service, amazing food (did a specia order for us no problem)....I even ate the leftovers at 9 am on Christmas morning b/c I dreamnt about them all night :) Ken (owner and chef) and his wife are great people. They are super friendly and when their new wine bar was under construction, they were always happy to let us in to show us the progress...we're nosey!

Went again last night for a bday celebration. Everyone in my group absolutely loved it. Recently redecorated...more modern looking now and very warm feeling. The service was amazing once again...great wine suggestion...everyone makes you feel at home there. The food was fantastic....antipasto platter...gnocchi...authentic caesar salad. My all time favourite is the crab and ricotta agnolotti...so yummy I force myself to save some for the next day! Birthday boy had the halibut which was cooked to perfection (and he's a former chef...hard to impress!!). No room for desert last night but had it last time and it was yummy!!!

All in all I absolutely adore this place....it smells good in there...its comfortable...the service is impeccable and the food speaks for itself. Check it out sometime soon. Can't wait to try their new wine bar next door.

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Burrito Bros. Taco Company, The2209 West 1st Ave, Vancouver
finally some fresh tasting food
Submitted Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - 8:00pm [Dine in]

Okay finally a place I absolutely love. We stumbled upon this place one Sunday morning while looking for somewhere to eat breakfast. Tired of the basic bacon, eggs and toast combo (which by the way the best is at the Sunshine Grill) we decided why not have some Mexican food in the morning?

Okay so the coffee is not so great...but really who cares? The service is decent...sometimes everyone seems a bit spaced out but they are friendly and the food arrives quickly.

The breakfast burrito with the chorizo is a favourite of my co-diner. I always opt for the trio of tacos...one time having the fajita steak and more recently having the fish which was fantastic. It's a very filling meal in the morning...but its so good that you'll find room to finish it.

What makes it soooo good is that everything tastes fresh....the tortillas are awesome...the salsas are so good especially the tomatillo one.....and it honestly just tastes like good wholesome fresh food for te right price. Do yourself a favour and try a taco in the morning instead of a greasy hangover breakfast :)

  • Food
  • Service
  • Ambiance
Feenie's2563 W Broadway, Vancouver
worst weenie i've ever had...
Submitted Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - 7:46pm [Dine in]

Okay so after writing that horrible review of the fast food Italian restaurant on 4th avenue that shall remain nameless, I felt the need to write a bad review of what some would consider a "hip" restaurant.

I went to Feenie's maybe a month ago with some out of town guests who for some reason seem to worship the man with the name. I will say that the restaurant is pretty cool looking...very nice decor however a bit cold for my liking. The colour red is supposed to make people more hungry, however looking at that damn red wall made me want to have some Tylenol.

The food was decent....friends had the Fish and Chips which cost $17.99....pretty pricey considering it was probably left over fish from the weekend that was turned into a "special"....go to Pajo's in Steveston instead for this tasty greasy treat. Another friend had the infamous burger and got a strange look from the server when she asked for some mustard....good lord someone call the food police...this woman has the nerve to ask for mustard!!!!

I for some god forsaken reason opted to have Feenie's Weenie..perhaps just b/c I think its a ridiculous name or I subconsciously wanted to be able to tell people I had that damn weenie and hated it. And let me tell you I did hate it....the bun does not fit the weenie!!! And it tasted bad...nothing worse that a bad tasting weenie that doesnt fit into the bun. Shame on you Iron Chef!!!!

Well thats it...I have spoken against the wonderful Rob Feenie. Go there to be seen...perhaps have a drink and say you ate at his damn restaurant....but please don't go there for the service or food.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance
Presto Cucina2272 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
i have never hated a restaurant more...
Submitted Wednesday, August 2, 2006 - 7:37pm [Dine in]

Wow what can I say about this place other than I absolutely hated it! First of all, the concept is quite interesting....looks like a regular restaurant...but its really a fast food establishment. Waited like fools by the entrance for a few seconds before being told by other patrons that you have to seat yourself and then order at the counter. These friendly patrons also said "good luck"...perhaps we should have taken their warning more seriously.

We went up to the counter and had to wait for the counter person to finish her telephone conversation before we could place her order...and lets just say that she was not talking business on the phone. Our order came to $30 for two entrees, a beer and a fountain pop....interesting prices for fast food Italian. We were given a plastic school cafeteria tray with cutlery on it.....yes it was high school lunches all over again.

My boyfriend was told to get his own beer from the area off to the side...his beer was warm b/c only half of the bottle is actually being cooled in that ridiculous cooler! While waiting for our food we witnessed a woman go up to the counter to ask where her salad was...she had obviously been waiting for a long time and was not too impressed. The "chef" looked at her blankly...didn't say a word to her and ran off to get the telephone talking counter girl who said "oops sorry bout that". Good lord...

Our food arrived...were surprised that we didn't have to pick it up at the counter ourselves. The pizza was basically flavourless...the dough was most likely previously frozen...and I honestly thought they might have picked it up at the Safeway across the street. My canneloni were tolerable...however a major lack of sauce resulted in very dry and undercooked sections of pasta. The portions were fairly small considering the pasta was $11.95 for a very small bowl and two breadsticks that were more like croutons. Go to Mrs. Vanelli's instead..

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