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monkeyroseNew WestminsterSince March 23, 20082 Reviews
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1.5 (1.5)
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Stefanos Restaurant315 Columbia St, New Westminster
"Thats your Opinion"
Submitted Sunday, February 14, 2010 - 11:44pm [Dine in]

I went to dinner tonight with a friend at Stefanos. Its Valentines day so we figured we'd have to wait a little bit longer. We however did not receive our food until an hour after we ordered. I ordered an appetizer and my friend did not. I asked the waitress to bring out the appetizer with the rest of the food. She brought it out earlier with our pita from the meal. She did not bring out the sauce for it though. The pita bread was cold. When we finally got our entrees the rice was very bland and buttery tasting.

I was finished and pushed my plate to the side. The Waitress did not come back and ask us how our food was. We were both finished for 20 minutes before she came back and asked us if we needed anything else. Meanwhile the busser just walked up and grabbed our plates from us. I had some leftovers and had to ask her to wrap them up. She had just grabbed our plates without saying a word and was just going to throw out my half a plate of leftovers without even asking!

Finally we waited another 10 minutes to pay. We decided to walk up to the bar and just pay there. I Asked to speak to the Manager and told him about how horrible our experience was and that we would not be back.

His response was " thats your opinion". I can't believe it! Why would you ever say that to a customer. If thats the manager/owners attitude its no wonder the service was so terrible.

Not with service like that. Essentially I paid $30 to eat cold and bland food and be treated like garbage.I used to go there once a month and even got my parents hooked on it. I will never go there again.

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Fish On Rice4361 Kingsway, #201, Burnaby
Submitted Sunday, March 23, 2008 - 8:27am [Dine in]

I went here on a recommendation from a couple friends.

It seems nice and friendly. The ambience is plesant. We had to wait 45 minutes but I didn't mind... expecting it to be good.

First thing we ordered food from the All you can eat menu. We Ordered a bunch of new stuff to try it.

-Prawns were not de-veined
-all BBQ Fish was over-cooked and dry
-The clams were really gross looking and rubbery texture (I've had better ones before)
-The rolls were dry
-I was served salmon cheek BBQ which was basically half of the fishes face with eyeball and teeth intact.
-we had to eat everything so we did not have to pay

THe weirdest thing was that they didn't have water. What restaurant doesn't have water? If they can't serve water to drink... what kind of water are they cooking with? This kinda scared me.

The service was really good but most of the employees don't speak very good English. This made it difficult to communicate and ask about items. I ended up ordering something really disgusting because the waiter did not know the english word for it. I had to eat it though.

I don't think any of the staff is acutally Japanese though... so Its not really authentic.. and they had spring rolls.. which I believe are chinese.

I will never ever go there again.

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  • Service
  • Ambiance