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mongolnomadvancouverSince April 11, 20092 Reviews
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3.5 (3.3)
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Aoki Sushi1888 W. Broadway St, Vancouver
A disappointment
Submitted Saturday, July 31, 2010 - 12:43am [Dine in]

I have come to the conclusion that there are only two types of sushi restaurants in vancouver: either really expensive or quite expensive but with excellent quality like Tojo's or Miku on the one hand, and low quality sushi like all-you-can-eat on the other. It is pretty much impossible to find something in between.

I was hoping to find a mid-range sushi place, ie. not stellar, but decent quality sushi at not cheap but still affordable prices, and decided to give Sushi Aoki a try tonight. Let's just say that it was a sorely disappointed experience. Here is why:

The paramount benchmark for any sushi restaurant is the quality of the fish. (It's not whether the chef and staff are japanese, like some of the commenters here like to think. Even though it is nice if they were. By the way, Aoki-san is actually not japanese, for those who seem to be obsessed with a japanese sushi chef.) And on this count, Sushi Aoki failed miserably. One of the commenters said that he used to live near Tsukiji in Tokyo and gave a glowing review of Aoki's fish quality. Well, I can only say that may be he came on a good day or I came on a bad day, but the fish was simply not up to standard.

I only ate nigiri. (If you would like to eat Japanese sushi, try nigiri. However, considering the low quality of most sushi restaurants in vancouver it might be better to just stick with North American sushi, i.e. rolls.) Salmon was probably the only fish that was okay. Tuna, hamachi - my favourite, and tai were not fresh at all. And the worst was saba. It completely destroyed my appetite!

That said, there was a bright spot. At least the rice was warm. Now, to those who think that sushi rice should be cold, think again. Warm rice means that it has recently been mixed and stored properly. Cold rice means it is stale and has been sitting around or in the fridge for a while. Why on earth do you want to eat stale rice?!

In terms of service and decor, nothing spectacular but nothing to really complain about either, hence the neutral 3 star rating.

In conclusion, considering how much i paid, i would have rather paid a bit more and go to Miku or pay less and expect less and go to an all you can eat place. And that is exactly what i plan to do from now on. Good bye, Aoki!

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  • Ambiance
Toyama757 Seymour Street, Vancouver
one of the better ayce places out there
Submitted Saturday, April 11, 2009 - 12:24am [Dine in]

i agree mostly with the previous reviewer regarding this restaurant (except that the mango pudding is not exactly that good - i really do not understand what is there to rave about it).

let me explain my rating:

1. i gave food 4 stars not because it is the best sushi out there, but because it is one of the better all you can eat sushi out there. the distinction is important because we have to keep in mind what we should expect when we go to a restaurant. you dont go to an all you can eat and expect tokyo tsukiji area sushi or kyoto-quality kaiseki!

i wholeheartedly agree with the previous poster that in comparison with robson sushi or b.c. sushi (which i believe is one of the worst out there), toyama ranks quite high. the fish was relatively fresh and nigiri-zushi actually stayed together when i flip it upside down to dip in soy sauce. one thing i thought was odd was that the chef didnt put wasabi on the nigiri rice (i dont like to put wasabi into my sauce).

2. i gave 4 stars for service is because the servers were actually courteous. they didnt give off the vibe as if they didnt want to be there. they stopped by often to fill up tea, to clear away plates, and brought things that we actually ordered.

3. i gave 4 stars for value is because the general experience was positive. i would consider going back and even recommend it to my friends. it is a few dollars more than robson sushi, but it is worth it.

4. i gave ambience 4 stars because from the decor one can feel that they did put some investment into it. it was tasteful; not gaudy or tacky.

i hope the good quality of food and service was not just to impress people since they recently opened, and that they would keep it up even after months and years in business.

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  • Value
  • Ambiance