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MonchaRichmond/VancouverSince August 5, 20092 Reviews
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2.5 (2.4)
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Amorosa Pasta House7874 Edmonds St., Burnaby
Good Healthy Pasta
Submitted Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 11:19pm [Dine in]

The reason I say the pasta is healthy is because it's not drenched in oil.
I went to Amorosa one day because I didn't want to wait in line at Anton's.
I found that the two Items ordered where quite decent.

I forgot the name of my dish, but it was stuffed pasta with chicken mushrooms and avacado (white sauce). It was a very nice combination of my favorite ingredients.
I didn't know you could drop avacado chunks into pasta.

Anyway, the flavor of the sauce was not very strong and I did add some salt. But after the salt was added it was very good.

I ate 1/3 and packed the rest for lunch two days in a row. The pasta was good even on the 3rd day. When I put it into the microwave at work the sauce was still good and did not separate into a layer of cream and oil.

One time I brought pasta home from Italian tomato and after I re-heated it... I was horrified... it had split into a thick layer of butter/oil and cream... ew ew ew...

So, in my opinion, I think the pasta sauce was light and healthy.

Second item we ordered was from the back page of the menu. It's the one where you can pick your pasta, sauce, and toppings.

We picked white sauce, spinach pasta, meat ball, Prawns and scallops.
The sauce was not very strong, but the pasta was fresh, and the toppings were amazing. You could actually see 5-6 big big Prawns in the pasta and also the scallops were big and tasty.. not the tiny little ones that shrivel up if they're over cooked..

So if you wanna eat pasta that actually has toppings and more than just sauce.. then this is the place to go for dinner!!!

I will go again!!!

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  • Ambiance
La Casa Gelato1033 Venables Street, Vancouver
200 plus flavours? or just 200 colors and names?
Submitted Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 10:59pm [Dine in]

I used to love 3 items from La Casa Gelato! Vodka Sorbet, Lavender Gelato and Dragon Fruit Gelato. These flavors are not available else where.

The first 2 or 3 times that I went were memorable because I really liked those special flavors that they carried.... But then I went again recently and it was really poor quality gelato. I was determined to get my Lavender flavor that day, luckily I tried it before choosing it and it has this horrible after taste and also it wasn't the right color. It was green... The first time I had it it was a light shade of Purple...

I ended up buying 2 scoops for $6 dollars. I picked Macadamia nut and also Dragon Fruit Gelato.

The Dragon Fruit Gelato had the color, but no taste.. It did not have the fruity flavor that I had experienced before and the texture was not very good.. kinda like ice water... The macadamia Gelato did not have any flavor neither.. the only way you could tell between the two scoops was.. the actual nuts that were in one of the scoops. So... basically the two scoops were both bland to the taste, and not even sweet enough...

Oh yeah... And I forgot to mention, the waffle cone was not good.. It was not crispy at all... it was kinda soft... =( I could write another paragraph about the cone.. and how disappointed I was with it..

I'm very sad that the quality has gone down so much. I will not go there again in the next couple of years... And instead... maybe I will try to make my own Lavender Ice Cream with an Ice Cream maker...

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